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Mix Review

Vinyl Addicted is an Artist on the rise - Check his releases on the Editors Kutz label - I ahve a couple and they are frickin awesome - And the Vinyl are normally nice colours too ha!

Good life who this set is for is a club night in Leeds who have had some top Djs in the past and hopefully this means that maybe Vinyl Addicted may be putting in a set there some time soon

This mix starts of with a cracking down temp Alan Mooney edit.. Then dips back into a chilled out vocal track which has a chilled feel. Aweseom tracklist the new sleazy Mcqueen track is a great edit of upside down - Could be even better than the LNTG version.. After up on that track it is brought nicley back down with the silver rider chilled track..

Love the new disco tech track as well - Another vinyl purchase that I will be making on teh 16th March!!

Get this listened too asap!

01. Alan Mooney's Edits-Kofi (Royalty Of Funk EP) (Queen & Disco) (GD01) (12'' Vinyl)
02. The Cosmologist-For Real (2014 Reconstructed Disco Dub) (The Cosmology Vol 4) (Under The Influence Records) (UTI1204) (12'' Heavyweight Vinyl)
03. Sleazy McQueen & Romano Arcaini-Private Life (Kloof Diggin' EP) (Whiskey Disco) (WD35) (12'' Vinyl)
04. LTJ-Don't You Do It (Royalty Of Funk EP) (Queen & Disco) (GD01) (12'' Vinyl)
05. Sleazy McQueen & Romano Arcaini-Moments With U (Diggin' Disco Deep #1) (Diggin' Disco Deep) (DDD001) (12'' Test-Pressing) (Coming Soon)
06. The Silver Rider-Hidden Rung (Disco Meze EP) (Whiskey Disco) (WD34) (12'' Vinyl)
07. VinylAddicted-The Music And Harmony (Diggin' Disco Deep#1) (Diggin' Disco Deep) (DDD001) (12'' Test-Pressing) (Coming Soon)
08. Disco Tech-Slick (Disco Tech Edits Vol 3) (DiscoDat) (DISCODAT003) (12'' Promo) (Coming Soon)
09. Unknown-Unknown (Soon on Editor's Kutz 12'' RSD)
10. VinylAddicted-Untitled (Soon on 12'' & Digi)
11. VinylAddicted & Jean Claude Gavri-NYM (Disco Meze EP) (Whiskey Disco) (WD34) (12'' Vinyl)

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