MASSIMO VANONI Wicked Funk Masterworks Music

This is one of the new releases from the masterworks ep.. Massimo is a new name to me but he has already had releases on midnight riot too.. Quality ep and the hottest tracks are respect and wicked funk.. Wicked funk is a disco style edit with a funk beat all the way through.. Even Houghton is only 110 is has a strong pulse and certainly gets the dance floor going.. Respect is also a great mover, slower Bpm and a tad deeper.. If you are in to ed wizard And disco double dEe then you will love this ep

#ChugginEdits Chuggin Edits Nu Disco Your Disco Exclusive Mix

Chuggin Edits - Nu Disco Your Disco Exclusive Mix (Mar 15)

Nice chilled mix available from teh NuDiscoYourDisco page on soundcloud..Plenty to great artists Bad Barbie #78edits #deadly sins #dj steef.. Nice chill out mix.. Good for listening to brighten up your day - Nothing too hard in the tracks..Plenty of funk and soul edits...

Great mixing - worth a listen..

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