Magnetic Soul DJ Bio - Sneaky Disco EP106

Magnetic Soul


We were lucky enough to have Magnetic Soul record a guest mix for our Sneaky Disco show at the beginning of March.  He curated a cracking set, dropping some real toe tappers, with Eros, Volume 1, Track 3 a true highlight – we’re sure you’ll agree. For those of you wanting to know a little more about the DJ, here’s Magnetic Soul’s Good2Groove bio. 

Where it all began


Originally from Belfast, Magnetic Soul (MS) has probably seen more of the UK than the average native. Having had stints in Manchester, Birmingham and now holed up in London; it’s not his geographical travels we’re interested in, rather his musical journey.

Drawn to Manchester after school by its vibrant music scene and attitude, MS was greatly influenced by the wealth of music and DJ heritage from great local radio stations and internationally renowned club scene across  the city; alerting his radar to more music than ever  before. Fully immersed in the club scene, it wasn’t long before he took his first punt at promotion at the recently opened Sankeys Soap club with the Dis©nnect club night, learning the first vital lesson to use someone elses money if possible!

Deep into the scene and fully gripped by the vinyl bug MS moved to  Birmingham to attend Uni, where he remained for over a decade. Here he  honed his eclectic style hogging the decks at regular house partys as  well as stints DJing Wobble, MOS Bar and even Jungle on a pirate radio  station. He eventually got a job in several vinyl specialist dance music  warehouses just long enough to rinse all the best tunes and meet kindred  spirits that would seed the idea for the Floatation club night. Music  was definitely in his blood.

It was at Floatation where MS experienced some of his most memorable  moments. It was a pretty legendary underground party held in a small  back room club/ bar in Birmingham. The club had Balearic DJs in the bar  area and played pure soulful, disco infused deep house in a small back  room conservatory. With a ridiculous sound system, over used smoke  machine and even a fish pond, the club wreaks of the hysteria the raves  of the era evoke! He even recalls someone, after a particularly good  night, trying to give CPR to a fish on the dancefloor at 6am!

Making music


MS had been making tunes since 98 but it wasn’t until about 10 years later that he got his first tracks released on labels Midnight Riot and Rotating Souls. With a backlog of unfinished tracks and a number of budding projects just waiting to be unleashed he decided to start his  own label and Dab Hand label was born.  The label’s seen three vinyl  releases (What You Gonna Do, Summer Love, Come into My Life) and 12  digital releases, so far.

The release MS is most proud of is ‘Lovin’ on Run’, which was his first  vinyl release on Rotating Souls out of the US. MS has always had a  massive love for US house labels out of NYC, Chicago and West Coast and original funk disco artists, so getting picked up by a label out there  was such a bonus for him!

He states that “It was one of those tracks that just came out of nowhere and fell together easily with great soul elements and groove”. MS is  working on some new tracks and hopes to have some releases in the next few months.

MS refuses to be tied down to any style and plays everything from Balearic, eclectic beats to sleazy soul and funk grooves, new disco  edits, all sorts of deep house and proto sounds. Check mixcloud for some historic mixes and styles through the years:

Inspired by…

MS is more of a fan of underground and alternative party venues; he feels that they draw a clued up, open minded, music focused crowd. His favourite events have always been festivals or the D.I.Y. sound system parties around the Midlands, which attract a mixed crowd, relaxed vibe and lenient close times.

Although a UK nomad, MS has played at some amazing venues and locations across the globe. These include; Garden festival in Croatia and Bloom and Love In, both in Bristol. His best memories, however, will always be the Floatation nights; the mix of great music, magical atmosphere, surrounded by good friends DJing and partying together was infectious. One thing he loved most was being able to DJ two different sets in one day, from deep house to eclectic disco sets on street parties with an up-for-it and mixed crowd that sometimes would last all day until first light.

MS has a number of people that inspire him; the usual legends like Francois K, Larry Levan, Kerri Chandler, Johnny D Nicky P, Metro Area and Idjut boys, as well as more recently MCDE, Session Victim and Art of  Tones. The  labels which influenced himmost in the early days were US disco house labels, like Henry St (Johnick), 83 west (Mateo Matos) and  Nuphonic Balihu.  More recently his influences range from old disco and italio labels, to new re-edit vibes like Whiskey Disco, Kolour, RazorNTape and more eclectic stuff like Early Sounds, Phantom Island and International Feel.

His love of labels has helped with his immense vinyl collection, which is close to 10,000 records - spread over a few rooms in his house and some stored in his parents’ garage. He still buys a lot of old and obscure classics on Discogs and loves nothing more than rummaging through the racks of second hand record stores or boot sales, for those unexpected finds.

Where to find him

Last year, MS played four hefty 5hr sets at Spiritland Audiophile bar in Kings Cross. Here he gets the opportunity to play and experiment with all the weird and wonderful gems his extensive collection has to offer. He anticipates he will return to Spiritland for more chilled and eclectic sets, but is always up for more disco and house club sets. He loves taking time to prepare interesting warm up sets - a real DJ in our 

Living in London, working as a freelance photographer /videographer, MS regularly shoots music videos and promo photos for all kinds of up and coming artists. He really enjoys working with new artists and helping them to promote releases - check out the following website.

We’d like to thank Magnetic Soul for his time and contribution to our show and look forward to some more mighty Vinyl releases. We’re equally looking forward to his new material joining all three of his previously released tracks, which are already staples in our own collections!