A Chat with Melgado

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We were really pleased to have Melgado as a guest on the Sneaky Disco show. He came to our attention on the awesome Riot in Lagos EP, released on Midnight Riot, with the track ‘African Food’. This was followed up then by the KO EP and also Calore EP, which had the amazing Instant party track ‘Instant Party’.

Haling from Lecco in the north of Italy ,on the stunning backdrop of lake Como, Fabietto Delgado aka Melgado is one of the most up and coming Djs/Producers that has come out of Southern Europe for a long time. He still Djs in Lecco on a regular basis at a little club in his home town called the Red Club, which he plays an active part in promoting and running - so if you are ever in the Lake Como area make sure you check it out. But lets dig a bit deeper.

Whats your Style and how was it shaped?

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When asked about his style, Melgado certainly comes across as a DJ that can play multiple genres such as Disco, Disco-Funk, Italo Disco, Afro Boogie, Brazilian Boogie, Nu Disco, House, Deep House, Old School House. For us, however, his Nudisco, Disco and Brazilian boogie edge make him stand out from the crowd. Melgado aka Fabietto Delgado has DJ’d since the age of 15; his passion for music pushed him to listen to almost everything through years of listening to Jethro Tulls, contemporary sounds and other various kinds of music, however he had a love for Funk, Jazz, Soul and Latin American music. He followed all his favourite Djs in the early '90s, for example Tony Humphries ( who he heard for the first time at Musiko' Jesolo in 1994) and all the american “old school” DJs. In 1999 he took part of Rete 104, a Lecco local radio, where he worked as a selector and technician in a House Music dedicated programme called ‘Groovemarket’ and also 104 Night Session until 2002. These early influences are a major factor in his style now and this is none more evident than in his DJ sets where he drives you on a road of House and Electronic Music, featuring his Old School House roots of the '90s, the Disco Funk of the '70s & ‘80s and other Rare Grooves.  His current influences include Antal and the Rush Hour movement.


 In 2010 Fabietto, along with his friend Roberto Praianò, created the Melgado Project. Their first production went straight to Gianni Bini's Checkmate Records and then to Fingerprint, Recline, and Paolo Martini's Paul's Boutique, gaining very good feedback from top worldwide Djs. In 2012 they then produced “Take me” with the acclaimed NiCe7. This tune was released by Noir Records and arrived in the Beatport chart thanks to the support of many famous Djs, such as the legendary Laurent Garnier who played it at the closing party of the Sonar Festival. His latest releases are on Sub_Urban, Snake Beat, Doner Music, Blacksoul, Midnight Riot, Masterworks Music. More recently he has been producing Disco edits such as ‘Fa Tremar’, which was released on Thunder Jam records last year. He is also one half of Ankle Release with DJ Triplex. Check out a release here


He is a resident at the Red Club , but interestingly in 2005 Fabietto Delgado was picked by RIN (Radio Italia Network) to take part in a DJ Contest powered worldwide by Heineken (Heineken Found @ Thirst). This allowed him to collaborate with the same radio and to work in the most famous Italian clubs, sharing the console with Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold. A very talented DJ and a producer who we are just starting to see his best work, especially for the edits scene and one to certainly keep an eye on. He was kind enough to produce a guest mix for the second half of our EP112 show, so check out how talented he is!