HOTDIGIT011 B-Jam - Wood Rush EP 

Again I have been awaiting the release of this after hearing the promo on the #fingerman show. This release is out almost at the same time as Hot Digit 010.
Track 1 - Sundog - The track I have been waiting for - Epic strings good vocal and awesome chugging beat - Basically this is a must buy!
Track 2 -  Sundog - Fingerman Acid Dodge remix - More housey that the original - another great re-work - means depening on the mood you can play either one of these tracks.
Track 3 - Juicer - Upbeat funky track great to dance to.. This almost certainly is a soon to be crowd favourite - Kind of reminds me of a Brother Luv Dub Track 'Mings incredible disco machine' A sure fire winner and purchase!
Track 4 - On It - 80s beat at the start with a good build - stabby vocals great groove to it!
Track 5 - Good Turn Out - Xyloaphone or glockanspile madness! Great chugging beat with the instrument playing on top - Loved this track

Another amazing release from Hot Digit.. Buy this as with the other releases its a simlar genre but plenty of scope to play the differing tracks at a gig