#HOTDIGIT010 #JamesRod JamesRod - Radio Warrior EP #review

HOTDIGIT010 James Rod - Radio Warrior EP 

This is the first EP I have listened to by James Rodd.. The only other track I had heard previously was on the fingerman show. If you have never checked out the fingerman show then make sure you do.. 

Track 1 - Radio Warrior Quite a good track - Especially for taking a set to the next level.. Could certainly work in either a bar or a club..
Track 2 - Feeled - The track I had heard before - Great track.. A mix up of 80s synth and NuDisco.. Absolutely fantastic - One of my fav tracks of the year!
Track 3 - Funk Dat - Bit of a builder with robotic voices appearing in the track.. Few Disco strings give this track an uplift.. Okay
Track 4 - Up Me Pump - Dub track - Reminds me again of an 80s style track but this time without any synth - Good chuggy beats..
Track 5 - Feeled - Fingerman on the.. Good edit of the original - More building in parts that the original... 
Track 6 - Feeled James Rod & Fran Deeper Remix Kind of a more mainstream nu disco remix.. For me its not doing the original justice.. But I can some why others may like it

Well worth a purchase.. If money is tight then I would get one of the versions of the Feeled track