Sneaky Disco EP113 Featuring Good2Groove And Exclusive Guest Mix From Barry & Gibbs

Good2Groove Track list

1) Get The Funk Out Ma’Face - Dave Gerrard

2) Waves Of Funk - Dr Packer

3) That Piano Track - Austin’s Groove

4) Burning - Pete Le Freq

5) Shoulda Been You - Danny Cruz

6) U Got Me Spinning - Seamus Haji

7) Soul On Fire - Hatiras, Angelo Ferreri

8. Act The Fool - Kinky Movement

9) Just Be - Distant People , Richelle Hicks

10) I Can’t Be You - Babert

Barry & Gibbs Tracklist

1) Castle Queenside - Groove to This

2) Osmose - Oh Midnight

3) Ladies on Mars - Sexy Dancer

4) Paster Lappe - Na real Sekele Fo Ya (B&G edit)

5) Advance - Take me to the top (Michael Gray Remix)

6) Barry & Gibbs - Hanging Out At The Disco

7) Ziggy Phunk - Sugar Sugar

8) Gerry Read - It'll All Be Over (DJ Koze Remix)

9)Claborg,Cristopher Ross - Baby Com'on

10)Doug Willis - Doug's So Glad Ur Here (Doug's Percussive Introduction Mix)

11)The Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing (Barry & Gibbs edit

Sneaky Disco EP112 Featuring Good2Groove And Exclusive Guest Mix From Melgado

Good2Groove Tracklist

1.    Flevans, Art Of Tones - Who's Got Me (feat. Laura Vane) (Art Of Tones Extended Remix)

2.    Dubble D, Doreen E - Pride (Main Mix)

3.    Birdee - Movin' On (Original Mix)

4.    Ziggy Phunk - Sugar Sugar (Original Mix)

5.    Dave Leatherman, Bruce Nolan, Alexander Koning - Face the Truth (Alexander Koning Disco Dub)

6.    Castle Queenside - Groove To This

7.    Christian James, Cody Currie - The WHIP (Cody Currie Remix)

8.    Advance, Michael Gray - Take Me To The Top (Michael Gray Remix)

9.    Oliver Dollar - Jam Hot

10.  N-You-Up, Saison - Jazz Bar (Saison Rework)

11.  Candido, The Reflex - Dancin' And Prancin' (The Reflex Revision)

Guestmix Fabietto Delgado aka (Melgado/Ankle Release)[Midnight Riot Records / Masterworks Music]

- LAROZE "I wanna know" (Let's Play House)
- LETHERETTE "Just for you" [Live edit] (Wulf)
- APPAREL WAX "005 Track3" (Apparel Music)
- ARI BALD "Pacific Tears" (Zissou)
- GERRY READ "It'll all be over" [Dj Koze Remix] (Pampa)
- LETHERETTE "Tell me theat you like it" (Wulf)
- JK "Reminiscence" (Loveit)
- NYRA "Take me to the water" (Canoe)
- ALFA CORNAE "Cornae" (FD White)
- LAROZE "I don't need you" (Let's Play House)
- MYD "Superdiscoteca" (Ed Banger)
- BELPAESE "Fonde e confonde" (Belpaese Edits)
- SYLVESTER "Be with you" (Ariola)

Sneaky Disco Ft Good2Groove EP57 Exclusive Guest Mix Afrojules

Good2Groove Tracklist
2. HOTMOOD - Hundred Of Times
3. Alan Junior - It's Time To Dance Together
4. DJ MOY - Analog Disco
5. TONBE - 15th Street
6. JAMES ROD feat TANIA HAROSHKA - Let Them Dance (Rayko remix)
7. Woodhead - Take You Away (original)
8. HOTMOOD - Funjazoul
9. Soul Minority - Deeper (J&M Brothers Souls remix)
10. ZIGGY PHUNK - C'mon C'mon
11. HP VINCE - This Party
12. DINO LENNY/DOORLY - The Magic Room (Luke Solomon's 'Live Forever' remix)

Guest Mix from Afrojules - Afrojules is a up and coming from the city of tours in France

See Website for full Bio and also link to awesome free download of an edit herbie hancockSTars in your eyes.

Sneaky Disco Ft. Good2Groove #EP42 ** Ziggy Phunk Exclusive Guest Mix **

Welcome to EP42 Of the Sneaky Disco Show.. Loved putting this set together - Part mood before VEGAS! We have some amazing guest lined up soon :-) Exciting times..

This week our guest mix is from Ziggy Phunk.. Ziggy clearly stands out from today’s crowd of typical DJs who narrowly specialize on one and only genre and sound – he takes the road less traveled and plays everything's good for the soul within Disco, Funk, Soul and House with elements from Afro & Jazz to The Middle East.

Ziggy Phunk is a familiar and respected name within the Nu Disco- & Disco Edits-phere because of his continuously top production edits & reworks which is made to sound fat on modern club systems and to fit a modern dancefloor. His diverse sets, commitment and his incredible contagious energy behind the decks will make sure you get blown away on the dancefloor.

Good2Groove Tracklist:
1.Rayko -  Time To Move
2. Digital Deviance - Make Me Whole (Rahaan Edit)
3. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Like U Do
4. AUDIO JACKER - You Say (Discotron remix)
5. Rayko - Put Your Body In It (Rayko Body Shop edit)
6. OUTUNDER - U Wanna
7. SLYNC - Tarzan
9. EVIL SMARTY - Turn Me On
10. LUKE SOLOMON/JONNY ROCK - Luca Frangipan (Main mix)

Ziggy Phunk Tracklist:
1. Leroy Hudson - So Nice (Ziggy Phunk DJ Edit)
2. Rubberlips - Which Way To GO (George Kelly Mix)
3. B.G. Baaregaard - Disco Inn
4. Fatback Band - Yum Yum Gimme Some (SHS Rework)
5. Imagination - Music & Light (Sleazy McQueen Remix
6. Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots (80s Child Rework)
7. Groove Motion - Money
8. Ed Wizard & DDD - Let You Go
9. The Whispers - Keep On Lovin' Me (Ziggy Phunk DJ Boogie Edit)
10. Get Down Edits - Veliero



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