Sneaky Disco EP101 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix - Le Babar

Good2Groove Tracklist
1. ART OF TONES - Radio Hustle
2. Ankle Release - Penache
3. MASSIMO VOCI - Yes Lord
4. DEADLY SINS - Something's Up
5. ANDY BUCHAN - The Big Do
7. Cohen - Sit Up 
8. Snax - Turn It (feat Marvin - Sleazy Mcqueen dub)
9. LEVANTINE - In The City
10. SARTORIAL - 6 Million
11. CAPTAIN MORGAN - Cold Bloody

Le Babar
Le Babar is born and raised in Belgium. His name is derived from the famous French King Elephant cartoon, and like his title, he is most definitely one of the new Kings of underground house music. The mood and atmosphere of Le Babar’s music encompasses that of a wide variety of the styles he grew up listening to, such as disco, funk, old-school, and 90’s French touch. Le Babar has released tracks on 294 records,Great Lakes Audio, Springbok, Fogbank, and an array of others. From his musical productions to his tasty, Dj sets, Le Babar is certainly a respected producer not to be missed.


Sneaky Disco EP97 Feat Good2Groove With Exclusive Guest Mix From Napoleon

Good2Groove Tracklist:
1. MARTELLO - Let's Get Down Tonight
2. Bas Roos & Guy Steve - Piece Of Soul
3. Lup Ino - Lying to My Lie
4. Soundersons, Yam Who? - Sopa De Tomate (Yam Who? Remix)
5. Walterino - Disco Nights
6. Hotmood - Classic
7. Disco Incorporated - Mr Montana (Original Mix)
8. Sartorial - Music Power
9. LEGO EDIT - Bird's Groove (Lego Dub 5 AM)
10. The Funk District - Soul Dose
11. DOORLY - Cafe Mambo Disco Pumper
12 Re-Tide - Dirty Love (Original Mix)

Guest DJ - Napoleon

Sneaky Disco EP91 Feat Good2Groove with exclusive guest mix from Samma Lone

1) Superstition - Moon Rocker, Re-Tide 2) Icare - Bertrand Burgalat/Yuksek 3) Welcome To The Disco - Sartorial,Simon Kennedy 4) Chugging Edits- Gateway 2 Disco 5) Raise - Ron Basejam 6) Work That - Kenny Summit, Richard Earnshaw 7) Don’t panic - Da Lukas 8. Thinking Of You - Ciaborg 9) Down Like That - Ho Vince, Dave Leatherman 10) That House Groove - Phil Weeks 11) Lup Ino - Lying To My Lie 12) Anita’s Bell - Mr Patron

Sneaky Disco EP71 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Cuz Electric Guest Mix

1) Be Mine Tonight - The Jammers
2) Funkynoizer - Daniele Baldelli & Dj Rocca
3) Hold Me Tight - Tonbe
4) Steam - Nico Saav
5) You Ain’t Never - Peza
6) Body & Soul KS French
7) Euro Disco Theme - Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca
8) Disco Fever - Javi Frias
9) Garcia Funk - Moon Rocket

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This week our guest Mix is supplied by Cuz Electric. Cuz Electric are UK based Electronic Music creators with releases on Paper Disco and Midnight Riot.

Rich Hall (Producer)
Megan Jones (Singer/Instrumentalist)

Karl Fraundhofer - Tone (Sprechen)
Aimes - Grandiose Visions (DJ Rocca remix) (Wonder Stories)
Craxi Disco - Brannero Express (James Rod Power Guitar Mix) (Opilec Music)
Rayko - Curious (Midnight Riot)
Mr & Mrs Dale - It's you (New York - London Mix) (Emotional Rescue)
COEO - In Motion (Toy Tonics)
Kellini & Saskin S - In Doubt (Stephen Richards Remix)
Misiu - All a Dream (Razor n Tape)
Manuel Binder - Porto (with Julian Stetter) (Mireia Germany)
Cuz Electric - Repose (Midnight Riot)
Johannes Albert - Giovanni Frizzante (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) (Frank Music Germany)
Johannes Albert - Giovanni Frizzante (Frank Music Germany)
Planet Jumper - And Here My Troubles Began (Sprechen)
Lindstom - Tensions (Full Pupp)
GoldBoy - Four Walls & A Roof (Situationism)
James Rod - Doctor Preasure (Pete Herbert Remix)
No ID - Love Mecanica (Pikes)

Soundcloud: @cuzelectric


Sneaky Disco Ft Good2Groove EP58 - Exclusive Guest Mix Cole Medina


1) Yes U Can - Disco Funk Spinner
2) Pick Me Up - ChuggingEdits
3) Disco Brasillia - J & M Brothers
4) Analog Disco - Dj Moy
5) Walk The Chalk - Matt Hughs
6) I Want Your Love - Todd Terge Remix (Chic)
7) 15th Street - Tonbe
8) Get It Baby - Body Music
9) Blind Beat - Disco Funk Spinner
10) Time Will Tell - The Funk District
11) You Got Trouble - Judge Funk

Cole Medina
All the way from LA Cole Medina is providingus with our latest guestmix. Cole started producing over 15 years ago constantly releasing ytracks on the House Arrest Label, check them out for some awesome edits. This shows COle was a man ahead of his time, releasing edits of disco and house far before the scene took off again! Recent vinyl release come on the Licorice Delight and for us his best tune which has featured on our show make your body move.

Sneaky Disco Ft Good2Groove #EP56 Jaegerossa Exclusive Guest Mix

EP56 Of the best Disco/NuDisco Podcast in the UK

Good2Groove Tracklist.

1) Feelin Me - Danny Kane                                                                                                        

2) Take The Groove Tonight - Buttkick
3) Down Breakin - Discotheque Credits
4) Hotmood Hundreds Of Times - Hotmood
5) On The Line - Stephane Deschezeaux
6) Work That Body - Ivan Jack, Babert
7) Up & Down - Giman
8) Love Don't Pay The Rent (Scott Wozniack Rmx) - Mone
9) Lets Get Down - Babert
10) Tell U - Dominic Dawson
11) Nice & Tight - Puzique
12) Lisa Can Disco - Man Go Funk,Timmy Vegas,BB Smooth


Tacklist NA


Jaegerossa - aka Phil Rose and Chris Hunter may be a relatively newly formed production duo but are far from new to game - Chris being a former long term resident at the mighty Feel in Preston and former label manager at Blackpool label Shaboom, and played some of the UKs and worlds best venues. Phil being a dj for over 20 years and instigator of "The Edit" -possibly one of the norths biggest club nights at the moment. Now hosting their own weekly radio show, the pair have over 25 years industry experience playing with guests like Grant Nelson, DJ Sneak, Joey negro, Greg Wilson, CJ Mackintosh, Graeme Park Etc ...... In the past year or so they have remixed for the likes of Lenny Fontana, Banks & Lisa Millet on Musol, Dave Redsoul on Playmore, plus more originals and remixes in the pipeline. There sound is a fusion of edgy soulful, disco vibes with a twist of boomp and hint of deep house, they are without doubt a duo to keep an eye on.

Sneaky Disco Ft Good2Groove #EP49 Jay Airiness Exclusive Guest Mix

EP49 of the hotest disco show in town.

1) Just As Long As You - Queen Disco
2) Dance To the Groove - Rayko
3) Different Ways - Phunktastike
4) Loco Funk - J & M Brothers
5) Thats The Way KS French
6) Wings Of Love - Delgado/Mena
7) Your Love Is The Dub - Vinyl Addicted
8) You've Been Found - Andy Ash
9) Sweet Love -  Tonbe
10) Groovin Behind Dr Packer
11) Dr Love - Dr Packer

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Jay Airiness
Known for his production for his nu-disco group Venice Beach, Jay Airiness always has his eyes on the groove. With a new vision of club music like House & Disco, Jay work everyday in the studio for made future classic dance floor. Had already releases on Diggin Deeper, Binary Flights, Editorial, Emerald and Doreen, FKR & Rebel Hearts...

Production played & supported by Dj Cam, Rayko, Nick V, Guido (Acid Arab), Lord Funk, Michael The Lion, Pierre Wax (22Tracks), KS French, Nik Weston, Valique, Dj Goodka, Belabouche, Soulist, NDYD, Radio Meuh, Radio Prun (Nantes - France), Audio Texture,, Y Este Find Que, Le Cosmic Show (Radio Show - Prun'), Swound Sound Radio Show, Sicko Discko (Radio 808, Zagreb - Croatia), Night Drive Miami (USA)...

Juno Download



Sneaky Disco Ft Good2Groove #EP48 Alien Disco Sugar Exclusive Guest Mix

Good2Groove Tracklist:  
1. DR PACKER - Give It Up
2. KNG EDITS - Just Dance
3. Jay Airiness - Two Of Us
4. MELGADO/MENA - Instant Party
5. Tom Of Brooklyn - Dreamin Again
6. VOODOO WHISKEY - Blueberry Muffins
7. Chewy Rub's - Cosmo Disco
8. LUX EXPERIENCE - Sneakin'
9. A Kiss For My Prince [Dr Packer Rework]
10. Mr. Absolutt - It's Allright
11. JUDGE FUNK - Deal With This

Alien Disco Sugar is one of our fav Djs on the edits scene!! We are super happy that he has agreed to do us a guest mix :-)






Sneaky Disco Ft. Good2Groove #EP31 ** Chewy Rubs Exclusive Guest Mix **

Latest Mix from us :-)

Sneaky Disco EP31 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix from Chewy Rubs.

Awesome Guest one of our fav Artists, Seriously if you do not know his tracks check them out now as he is awesome! Especially Power which he did with Fingerman, everybody loves a good time. He has loads of edits on his soundcloud pages which you can even get some for free!!

Tracklist from Good2Groove:
1. Kathy Diamond - All Woman (vocal mix)
4. DISCO FUNK SPINNER - Reach Your Heart
5. Gino Soccio - Its Alright (Hawk re-edit)
6. Frank Booker - El Salvador
7. Bang the Gon - SHMLSS Edit (Disco Devience
8. Rhyze - Just How Sweet Is Your Love (Walker & Royce Touch)
9. GY FOS - Only You
10. Late_Nite Tuff Guy - Do I Believe In God LNTG Muscle Mix
11. Crazy P - Disc Odyssey (remix)

Massive Special Guest Mix of Chewy Rubs!!!!


1. Lavender - Ken Nordine 2. Your Love Is Strange - T&J Hookers Edit 3. Bullet Dodger - Chewy Rubs 4. Future Freak - Chewy Rubs 5. Disco Music (Right On Time)- Jay Ru 6. Dance Freak (TV Rub) 7. Get Dancing - Chewy Rubs Dub 8. Khaka Chan - Chewy Rubs 9. DoobDoob-a-Dee - Chewy Rubs 10. ElCaney - VanDoorn 11. Street Disco - Lux Experience 12. IWTYT - Chewy Rubs Extended Dub

More info on Chewy:

for all dj enquiries
edit/remixing ......

email -
tel - +44 7956998762 ( leave a message )
f'book -

Sneaky Disco Ft. Good2Groove #EP29 ** 80's Child Exclusive Guest Mix ** our FACEBOOK

Good2Groove Tracklist:
1.SHAKA LOVES YOU - If You Give (feat Dave Towers)
2. MASSIMO VANONI - Wicked Funk
3. MASSIMO - Deeper (Judge Funk remix)
4. ALIEN DISCO SUGAR - Coconut Groove
5. JAVI FRIAS - The Way
6. ANGELO FERRERI - Get Down Baby
7. JAMES ROD - Atlantis Move
8. The Revenge - Unfinished Edits Are Out Of My Hands
9. JAY AIRINESS - Up & Down
10. Evil Smarty - Hot
11. Tomas Malo - Otter Funk

Also Guest mIX From the one and only 80's Child:
Warrington born UK DJ & Producer 80’s Child is a true Child of the 80’s, born in 1980 and raised by his parents on a strict diet of Toto, Prince, Michael McDonald, Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson and the like.
Inspired by the productions of fellow dusty fingered archivists such as Greg Wilson, Late Nite Tuff Guy, & Tiger & Woods, Danny’s edits have grown wilder as he’s experimented, extended and completely re-worked into some of the hottest club edits around over the past 12 months, a brilliant Dj who always displays his love for all things 80’s.
Danny has also Dj’d with some of the best around including, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Greg Wilson, Faze Action & Yam Who? to name but a few.
He also set up his label Masterworks Music in 2015 which has had releases from some of the biggest producers around both Vinyl & Digital and support from some of the best in the business.