Sneaky Disco Ft Good2Groove #EP48 Alien Disco Sugar Exclusive Guest Mix

Good2Groove Tracklist:  
1. DR PACKER - Give It Up
2. KNG EDITS - Just Dance
3. Jay Airiness - Two Of Us
4. MELGADO/MENA - Instant Party
5. Tom Of Brooklyn - Dreamin Again
6. VOODOO WHISKEY - Blueberry Muffins
7. Chewy Rub's - Cosmo Disco
8. LUX EXPERIENCE - Sneakin'
9. A Kiss For My Prince [Dr Packer Rework]
10. Mr. Absolutt - It's Allright
11. JUDGE FUNK - Deal With This

Alien Disco Sugar is one of our fav Djs on the edits scene!! We are super happy that he has agreed to do us a guest mix :-)