Sneaky Disco Ft Good2Groove EP61 - Hotmood Exclusive Guest Mix

This is the latest edition of the hottest dish and nudist edits show on the plant. Good2Groove host with a special guest mix from Mexicos own Hotmood!!

Tracklist Good2Groove
1) i didn't Take - Rare Cuts
2) Through With Love - Riff Clochard
3) Funkier Than That - Funk Hunk
4) So Damn Fine - Ed Wizard & Double Dee
5) Downtown - Bas Roos
6) Tight Spot - Martin Hayes
7) Gonzo - Phonk D
8) Intermission Ft Desiree Renee - Mattei/Omich
9) No Words - Bahama Soul Club
10) Transatianque - Salamanca System
11) Must Be The Music - Joey Negro
12) Your Love Is Pain - Deep End

Guest mix is supplied by Mexicos Finest Hotmood.  He is the man behind the tugboat edit series, and has numerous quality release on Masterworks, Editorial and Star Creature. Hotmoods style reflects his productions , combining slo-mo boogie, groove laden disco, quality house, 70’s funk, n deep sounds. He is always adept at reading the crowd thanks to combined decades plus experience behind the decks. playing around San Diego, Las Vegas, Houston, Los Angeles, Tijuana, Mazatlan, Playa Del Carmen, Df and Guadalajara.

Tracklist Hotmood

Hotmood - Lets Ride
Romare - All Night
The Silver Rider - Never Stop
Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco - Sunday Night
Brother J - Round Corners (Brother J Disco dub)
P-Sol -Tonight
Hotmood - Zunny
Hotmood - Dont Stop Rockin'
The Ivory Boy - Rhythere
Borrowed Identity - Queens Bridge
Body Music - Just One

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