Sneaky Disco Ft Good2Groove EP58 - Exclusive Guest Mix Cole Medina


1) Yes U Can - Disco Funk Spinner
2) Pick Me Up - ChuggingEdits
3) Disco Brasillia - J & M Brothers
4) Analog Disco - Dj Moy
5) Walk The Chalk - Matt Hughs
6) I Want Your Love - Todd Terge Remix (Chic)
7) 15th Street - Tonbe
8) Get It Baby - Body Music
9) Blind Beat - Disco Funk Spinner
10) Time Will Tell - The Funk District
11) You Got Trouble - Judge Funk

Cole Medina
All the way from LA Cole Medina is providingus with our latest guestmix. Cole started producing over 15 years ago constantly releasing ytracks on the House Arrest Label, check them out for some awesome edits. This shows COle was a man ahead of his time, releasing edits of disco and house far before the scene took off again! Recent vinyl release come on the Licorice Delight and for us his best tune which has featured on our show make your body move.

Sneaky Disco Ft. Good2Groove #EP43 ** Disco Funk Spinner Exclusive Guest Mix **

P43 Of the hotest Podcast for Disco and NuDisco Beats

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Yaniv Levy (aka Disco Funk Spinner – DFS) was born in Tel Aviv, Israel.
a DJ\ Producer\ Remixer & a Label Owner who djs from a young age in private events, clubs and pubs.
His recent breakthrough into the local club scene absorbs his unique style by using loops and sounds effects engines. Therefore, creates live stylish “MASHUPS”.

In addition to his rich musical style mixes, being made from a wide musical spectrum – Disco, Funk, Boogie, Nu-Disco, G-House, Chicago House, Deep House.

Yaniv plays at the hottest places in town and became a familiar face at Tel Aviv’s clubs and bars. Marking himself genuinely
In terms of musical genres, there isn’t a uniform title to Yaniv’s musical genres.
There are several parameters that will determine the style of event – Crowd, Venue, Atmosphere and the designed “Crate” of the event.
However, Yaniv’s playground inspiration Genres are funky disco, boogie, New Disco, House, Space Disco, House, Soulful House and various classics.

Internationally, Yaniv plays mainly in Europe, and presents DJ shows in many well-known radio stations worldwide.

After many successful years of playing, Yaniv started to produce in 2015, since then, Yaniv releases Albums, Compilations, EP’S with many popular labels.
He specializes in digging old samples from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s by giving them a new breath of life, sampled properly and remixed. In addition, Yaniv has made remixes to many well-known artists, officially released.

Thunder Jam Record Label established in 2016, which gathers the best artists under its umbrella of music genres.