Sneaky Disco Ft. Good2Groove #EP22 ** Fabiolous Barker Exclusive Guest Mix **

EP22 of The Sneaky Disco m from Good2Groove..

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This weeks Guest mix is from FABIOLOUS BARKER..

Fabiolous started Playing in 1986 - first in his native Argentina, and now in London he knows how to work a dancefloor. That knowledge came to the fore on his debut release for Funkfusion in 2014. He has been playing in clubs non-stop from 1986..

Fabiolous Barker is a seasoned pro and has delivered his hard-hitting disco house reworks for Midnight Riot, HotBox Boogie, Masterworks, Alpaca and Katakana .

He even has had 3 record stores in between 80s and 90s and is a collector of electronic drums.

This is a superb mix - Enjoy and share!

Merry Xmas