Sneaky Disco EP91 Feat Good2Groove with exclusive guest mix from Samma Lone

1) Superstition - Moon Rocker, Re-Tide 2) Icare - Bertrand Burgalat/Yuksek 3) Welcome To The Disco - Sartorial,Simon Kennedy 4) Chugging Edits- Gateway 2 Disco 5) Raise - Ron Basejam 6) Work That - Kenny Summit, Richard Earnshaw 7) Don’t panic - Da Lukas 8. Thinking Of You - Ciaborg 9) Down Like That - Ho Vince, Dave Leatherman 10) That House Groove - Phil Weeks 11) Lup Ino - Lying To My Lie 12) Anita’s Bell - Mr Patron

Sneaky Disco EP90 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix - J&M Brothers

Sneaky Disco EP90 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix - J&M Brothers  Good2Groove Tracklist  J&M Brothers The big experience of J&M Brothers as selectors of sound,has lead them to place them selves in the first positions of the biggest digital stores such as Beatport,Traxsource, with different trac

Sneaky Disco EP 89 Feat Good2Groove with exclusive guest mix from Mitiko


1. The Salsoul Orchestra, Dj Spinna - Chicago Bus Stop (Ooh, I Love It) (DJ Spinna ReFreak)


3. WERKSHY - Supermoon

4. CHEWY RUBS - Boogie Down Shuffle

5. CHEWY RUBS - Matatu

6. DEELICIOUS - The Tilt

7. D.C. LaRue, Joey Negro - Cathedrals (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix)

8. Claborg - Think of You

9. Freiboitar -  Whats Up

10. Pete Heller's Big Love, Dr Packer - Big Love (Dr Packer Extended Remix)

MITIKO Mitiko Tracklist
1 Mitiko - Let Me Tell You
2 Mitiko - I Need Your Tears. 
3 Mitko - My Way Home. 
4 Mitiko - By Your Side. 
5 Mitiko - Disko Adriatiko. 
6 Mitiko - Dreaming Aint Enough. 
7 Mitiko - Love Situation. 
8 Cuz Electric - Half Way Len. 
9 DJ Viollete - Any Moment, Any Time. 
10 Stephane Deschezeaux feat. Kiki Kyte - Mystery. 
11 Kindred Soul & Get To Know feat. Kayleigh Gibson - Hold On (Dr Packer Remix).
 12 Kylie Auldist - Good Time Girl. 13 Levantine - Another Love.

Mitiko Links
Music :


Sneaky Disco EP88 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix - Lego Edit

1.BB Boogie - Sweating and Shaking (On the Dance Floor) [feat. Monica Blaire]
2.FOUK - Organ Freeman
3.EVIL SMARTY - Sweet Like A Lemon
4. G&D - Turn It Loose
5. Hotmood - Good Old Days
6.MOUSSA CLARKE/ZAK GEE feat RACHEL GAVALETZ -Still Feel The Rain (Disco mix)
7. EVIL SMARTY - The Groove To Make You Dance
8. DOUG WILLIS - Risky Biznizz (original mix)
9. GET DOWN EDITS - Follow Me
10. COEO - Long Night Ahead
11. RE-MOON/ROCKET TIDE - Purple Dusk

Lego Edit
1.  Lego Edit & Vito Lalinga - BKR T
2. PL - Africana Real (Lego Classic Edit)
3. Chewy Rubs - Wick-A-Dee-Wack
4. Adesse Versions - Sistem
5. Sould Out - Cosmic Wayo
6. Disco Dub Band - Disco Dub (Lego Re-Edit)
7. Lego Edit - Afro King
8. Art of Tones - The Same Thing
9. Bas Roos & Guy Steve -Piece of SOul
10. Funky Jaws - Peasant Dance
11. Jamie 3:26 & Masalo - Testify
12. Vasquez -Afrolizer - LTJ Xpirience RMX
13. Motown Sound - Bad Mouthing (Joey Negro Raw Disco Mix)

Sneaky Disco EP87 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix - Re-Tide

1) Sax Jam - Alene Barret
2) Mr 2 Scoops - JoBu
3) Disco Criollo - Vagabundo Club Social, Dicky Trisco
4) That Soul Feeling - Disco Incorported
5) Cathedrals - D.C LaRue, JKriv
6) Long Lost Love - The Revenge
7)Hysterical Years - Hardage, Gill Scott Heron, Luyo
8)Dougs Disco Theme - Doug Willis
9) Ooh I Love It - Salsoul Orchestra, Full Intention
10) Get Up - Sartorial

Re-Tide Tracklist

Doug Willis - Crystal Love ( Re-Tide & Moon Rocket Remix) Chic - Everybody Dance (Joey Negro Remix) Dj Koze - Pick Up Kenny Summit - Dirty Lowdown Casual Connection - Fever Of Dub Re-Tide - If You Feel It Say Yeah Mark Funk & Danny Cruz - Superlovin Kano - It's A War (Re-Tide Remix) Funk The Beat - Clap Your Hands Re-Tide - The Break Is A Delight Funk The Beat - In The Mix Danube Dance Feat. Kim Cooper - Unique (NY Underground Mix) Re-Tide & Moon Rocket Feat. Libby Baeeloo - Thousand Finger Man Re-Tide Feat. Elisabeth - Keep The Fire Burnin'

Sneaky Disco EP86 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive - Pontchartrain

Good2Groove Tracklist:
1. THE FUNK DISTRICT - Intergalactic Lover
2. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Diesel Power
3. COEO - Like It Is
4. NICK REACH UP/FULL INTENTION feat JAZZ MORLEY - Night Of My Life (Dr Packer full vocal remix)
5. SASKIN S - Great & Groovy
6. Thatmanmonkz - The Assassinator
7. UPTOWN FUNK EMPIRE - Boogie (Paolo Pompei remix)
8. Funkatomic, Micky More, Andy Tee - Hard Times (Micky More & Andy Tee Mix)
9. D'Arabia, Ron Basejam - Key Lime (Ron Basejam Remix)
10. Chewy Rubs - Somebody That Loves You (T&B Perc dub)
11. Moon Rocket - Strategy
12. HP VINCE/DAVE LEATHERMAN/SAMO - Down Like That (Soul mix)

Guest Mix By Pontchartrain
n 2014 after nearly a decade of collecting records, and playing various roles in the dance music scene of Detroit and West Michigan, the Pontchartrain moniker was born. What began as tools for his own personal dancefloor use turned into head-turning release after release of his vision for edits of forgotten classics and sample-heavy house cuts. In a short couple of years, his release catalog has gained support from various well respected artists, garnered him international bookings and acclaim, and earned him the A&R position for Sleazy McQueen’s highly sought after Whiskey Disco imprint. The sounds he chooses, reflect the obvious influences from Detroit’s past, with a new face and ideology that continues to entertain and surprise.

In his own words “A lot of people have forgotten what it means to be a DJ and what the greatest part of that job is. I want to feel like I’m stepping into a house party every time I screw in my needles. I want people in the room to feel the same. I want them to be happy, to feel relaxed, to feel at home. I want them to feel like everything is ok in that moment. A DJ essentially should make you feel high with your friends. A DJ is basically a drug.”

His releases span BPM, genre, and style in a way that encompass this feeling, and have been featured and charted by a slew of serious industry names. Several releases have already been repressed, and his edits and originals have been featured by several prominent music blogs: The initial EP on new label Lovedancing, was described as “Setting the bar very high indeed” by the UK’s largest record distributor, Juno. And his most recent release on Whiskey Disco was described as having “dynamic arrangement missing from so many contemporary edits” by the curators at Piccadilly Records.

His track selection, DJ style, and music ideology all stem from years of mentoring from some of Detroit’s greatest, and from the passion and want to learn everything he could from them. Buying and selling record collections to earn his rent through college highlights how important crate digging and sourcing has been, and still is to him, and lends an idea of just what to expect during his sets. Pontchartrain is redefining the never ending love affair of classic music with taste, vision, and a dedication that continues to set him apart.

For bookings around the world:

Sneaky Disco EP85 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix Dan Dayglow

Good2Groove Tracklist
1) George Kelly & Dj S - Movin To The Groove
2) The Funk District - The Spaceship
3) Moon Rocket - Strategy
4) Bas Roos & Guy Steve - Piece Of Soul
5) D’Arabia, Ron Basejam - Key Lime
6) Dynamite - Dr Packer Remix
7) Diana Ross - My Old Piano - Pete Le Freak’s Freakin’ Mix
8) The Funk District- Come On Get Up
9) Art Of Tones - Reprise De Fonk
10) Bare Brass - Dirty Secrets, Tom Da Lips
11) Jazz N Groove - Freedom
12) Joe T Vannelli Project - Knee Deep - Sweetest Day Of May

Dan Dayglow Tracklist
The Beaters - Harari (Mr Bongo)
Underdog Edits - Just Fakin It (Razor N' Tape)
Don Dayglow - Hustler (Midnight Riot)
Don Dayglow - Bobby On The Beat (Thunder Jam)
Natasha Kitty Katt - Windy City (Midnight Riot)
J. Morrison - Freedom (Alfresco Disco)
Werkshy - Don't You Want Me? (Midnight Riot)
Don Dayglow - Slyde The Boogie (Midnight Riot)
Tony Disco - Kill Bill (James Rod Remix) (Spa In Disco)
Don Dayglow - Burning (Thunder Jam, forthcoming)
Cuz Electric - Mother's Ruin (Don Dayglow Remix) (Particle Zoo, forthcoming)
Fabio Barker - Oceans (Don Dayglow Remix) (Ganbatta)
Kiwi - Amityville (Futureboogie)
Don Dayglow - Pawl Pawl (Particle Zoo)
Don Dayglow - Many Things (Hot Digits)
Ann Margret - Everybody (Don Dayglow Edit) (Free Download)
Andy Buchan - Caught In The Middle (Alpaca Edits)

Sneaky Disco EP84 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Dereck Kaye Guest Mix

Good2Groove Tracklist:
1. Kiki Kyte - Disco Chick
2. GIOVANNI DAMICO - Look At You (Sugar Bomb)
3. BERTRAND BURGALAT/YUKSEK - Icare (Yuksek remix)
4. Benjamin Ferreira - What U Will
5. DJ KOZE - Pick Up
6. DEELICIOUS- Sexy Cream
7. PHIL WEEKS - That House Groove
8. Jamie 326 & Masalo - Testify
9. CHEWY RUBS - The Game (original mix)
10. GIOVANNI DAMICO - Essential
11. The High Fidelity - Ithanku (Hifi Sean & Yam Who? dub)

Derek Kaye Tracklist:
1.Julian Sanza &Andre Espeut- Perfect System (Sare Havlicek dub)
2.Subvader - Each Time We Touch
3.Peech Boys - Don’t Make Me Wait
4.Full Intention - Night Of Life ( Dr Packer Remix)
5.Saison - Moody Blues
6.Soup Dragons - I’m Free (Yam Who? & Alan Dixon mix)
7.Sophie Lloyd - Calling Out
8.George Duke - Brazillian Love Affair (Derek Kaye mix)
9.Aroop Roy - Reason To Dance
10.Astronaut Edits - Ipkiss
11.Andy Buchan - Spectral ( dr Packer Acid Mix)
12.Space - Magi Fly (Greg Wilson & Peza remix)


North-West England, UK DJ Derek Kaye married his schoolboy passions of music and electronics in 1973 when he constructed his first disco sound system, aged just 13.

Prior to this, with DJ equipment something of a rarity in those days, he created a custom setup that bypassed the need for a mixer by rewiring his turntables in such a way that he could flip the sound from one deck to another, and installed a switch that would dip the music so a microphone from a portable cassette player could be used to announce the song on rotation.
His work soon grew in sophistication and a new console was built, with his schoolmate, Greg Wilson, buying Derek’s old rig, thus beginning his own well-documented DJ career.

Over the past 40 years, Derek has continued to DJ in and around the North West, both in residencies and guest spots, and his passion for music and electronics are still just as strong. His enviable studio has gone through the transitions of working with notator (the forerunner to logic) on the studio essential Atari 1040 ste with a collection of keyboards and Akai samplers, to just about “working out of the box” as is the case with a lot of studios now.

Sneaky Disco EP83 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Jack Tennis Guest Mix .mp3

Good2Groove Tracklist

This weeks guest DJ is Jack Tenins who kicks us off with an exclusive new track fresh for your ears!!
Jack Tennis Tracklist
Jack Tennis - The Light
Henri Pierre Noel - A Fifth Of Beethoven (The Reflex Re-Vision)
Jack Tennis - To You
Paul Rudder & Hurlee - Don’t Let Love
Ziggy Phunk - Let’s Fly Away
Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)
Piem & Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax - Lovin' (Extended Mix)
Demuir - Derrick Does Disco (First Stanza)
Adryiano - Me And You And Her
Gerd Janson & Shan - Surrender
Zoo Brazil - Hyper

Jack Tennis, DJ and Producer from Berlin, one half of the Disco/Pop Duo "Hotlane" (Gomma), last releases all on Midnight Riot, forthcoming releases on Thunder Jam and Midnight Riot. More music on soundcloud:

or Bandcamp:

Sneaky Disco EP82 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Ed Wizard Disco Double D Guest Mix

1. SOULPHICTION present SBM - Gotta Have It
2. Sunner Soul - Feels So Good
3. MR Given Raw - Boogie Night Jam (original mix)
4. Lux Experience - On Tha 1
5. JAVI FRIAS - Tender Feeling
6. AL MCKAY ALLSTARS - Heed The Message (Joey Negro extended mix)
7. JAVI FRIAS - Swahili Dance
8. ELI ESCOBAR - City Song Pt 2 (Eli's New Version)
9. Alan Dixon - Square Skating
10. KIU D - Timeline
11. DAN SHAKE - Magic Marcel

This weeks special guest is Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee

Dave knows disco-
occasionally fuelled by scotch, often lead by a funky bassline, the energy of his live sets is palpable to say the least. A Veteran behind the decks since the 90's - 
his versatility shines through in the mix. chunky funk party disco flips, deep atmospherics soundscapes , loungin' pool vibes or thumpin beats for the club!

Under the Moniker of Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee- his tracks/ ep's have topped the disco charts multiple times on a number of sites and have been played by many luminaries and other trendsetters and legends around the world Including:
Dimitri From Paris, Greg Wilson, Jimpster, Soul Clap, Tensnake, Lovebirds, The Revenge, Hot Toddy, Wolf and Lamb, Kon, 6th Borough Project , Tim Sweeney, Jacques Renault, Tornado Wallace, Derrick Carter, Drop Out Orchestra, Mark Farina, Pezzner, DJ Heather, Joshua , Diz and numerous others..

* Dave was also named Mark Farina's Favourite Producer on soundcloud in 2013…ing-mark-farina

Dave's Jams and remixes are now featured on over 40 labels across the globe on some great labels like:

Editorial, Kinjo , Kolour, Paper,
Disco Deviance, Compost, Ubiquity
Chopshop , Midnight Riot, Springbok,
Get Down Edits, Mushroom Jazz
Masterworks, Tango, Editor's Kutz, 
Glenview, Street Edits, Timewarp
Universal Music , Voyeur Rhythm

--As a DJ, Dave has played clubs, festivals and after hours, across North America and beyond.
From London , Bali, Tunisia, Mexico to NYC , L.A , Miami , Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington, Halifax and many more.
Dave has held down numerous residencies in his hometown of Montreal, 
played the premiere venues in town, 
such as Stereo, Piknic Electronik , and running "The Kinjo Sessions"
@ Salon Daome for 3 years.
Over time, Dave's Sound has morphed and evolved , 
but always stayed true to core vibe of good vibing, funky and expansive deep music. Throughout many genres ; such as house funk and disco

His Unique twist on a Slower Disco Sound, has struck a chord with many
in the past couple years, in both production and his addictive mixed sets.

Dave has done numerous special guest mixes for groups such as : 
- Kiss FM, Good life UK , 5 Mag , Bolting Bits, House of Disco,
Lovebath, NuDiscoYourDisco, Manuscript, Adventures In Disco , 
Hidden Cove and more.

DJ Bookings / Remix work


Sneaky Disco EP81 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Woodhead Guest Mix



1.Let Love Live (Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix)
2. Piece Of Soul (Bas Roos & Guy Steve)
3. Keep On Dancing-Williams Carrol (Vs Edit)
4. Love Is The Message (Moon Rocket- Re-Tide)
5. Why Can’t We See - Blind Truth Ft Tata & Stone (Club Mix)
6. Power - Javi Frias
7. Bad Girls -Used Disco (Original Mix)
8. Don’t Look Any Further - Danilo Rossini (Rossini & Mappa Rmx)
9. Mack Vibe Mr Meaner Ft Jaqueline

1. Luvless - Right Now
02. Loz Goddard - Now Is Where We Are
03. OJPB - Mysteries
04. Ari Bald - That Lonely Night
05. KIU D - Love In NY
06. Eli Escobar - City Song (COEO remix)
07. M.ono & Luvless - Eins A Legge
08. Tiger & Woods - Moonswing
09. Silk 86 - Rhapsody
10. Chevals - Lights
11. Chevals - Hot
12. Long Island Sound - I Chose You Because
13. Adryiano - Me & You & Her
14. A. M. Limonata - After Midnight Special
15. Tee Mango - This Is Where I'll Stay (With U)
16. Demuja - Turn Me On
17. The Black Madonna - Stay

Sneaky Disco EP80 Featuring Exclusive Guest MIX Tomas Malo

Download Link:
This weeks show has an exclusive Guest Mix from Tomas Malo
Tracklist Good2Groove
1. Sweetooth - Disco Fantasy
3. JAVI FRIAS - Supah Stah
4. Fray Bentos - Body Down
5. Brass Destruction - Gotta Do It (V's edit)
6. Stephen Richards - Making Music (Get Down Edits remix)
7. Soundersons - He Doesn't Love Me (Al Kent remix)
8. Jack Tennis - Le Funk
9. PETE HERBERT - No Big Thing
10. James Curd - A Lazy Boy Get Down
11. Sophie Lloyd - Calling Out (feat. Dames Brown) [7" Edit]

Tomas Malo
Tomas Malo - Lady Shakara (Forthcoming on Boutade Musique)
Yse Saint Laur'ant - The Optimistic Voyeur
Fela Kuti - No Possible (Joystick Jays Vulgar Distractions Edit)
Hotmood - The Seventies
Ponty Mython - Coconut Scarface
Hot Toddy - Love Can Set You Free
Soulphiction - Dirty Hot
Fabiolous Barker - Jam On It (Tomas Malo Remix)
Lorenz Rhode - On Top
Alma Negra - Afrorleans (Parker Madicine Remix)
Kiwi - Amityville

Tomas Malo is a British Disco / House producer and DJ, originally from Leeds, now based in Mexico City. He first rose to prominence back in 2006 with releases on labels Redux and 20:20 Vision under the guise 'Weirdo Police' and since then has gone on to release various choice vinyl EPs with the likes of Whiskey Disco, The Dead Rose Music Company's Taikomochi Records, and Outernational, plus numerous digital releases through Masterworks, Hot Digits, Editorial, CR2, Xland, and many others. He has had the honour of his music being selected for coveted CD compilations by legends Greg Wilson and DJ Harvey and was included on MTV's Top 15 reasons why Mexico is the next dance music Mecca.

His next two releases will be out soon on Boutade Musique and Phisica Records.

Hear his music / follow him here:


Sneaky Disco EP79 Featuring Exclusive Guest MIX Get Down Edits

EP79 Of the hottest Disco Podcast in all the land.

This weeks guests are:
Get Down Edits are Darren Daz Dalton & Martin Roche From Waterford City in Southern Ireland,: Bookings Email


Sneaky Disco EP78 Exclusive Guest Mix Natasha Kitty Katt.mp3

1. Radiance - You're My Number 1 (original mix)
2. DORSI PLANTAR - You're Solid As Fuck
3. Saskin & Kellini - Jazzy Jazz
4. Hotmood - This Is How I Do
5. Bas Roos & Guy Steve - Piece Of Soul
6. BABERT - Funk Me Please
7. Rayko - Waiting Too Much
10. AMP FIDDLER - So Sweet (Fiddler Funki-Dub)
11. ROLAND CLARK - My Life Is A Disco (dub)

This weeks guest is DJ Natasha “Kitty Katt”.

Born and raised in Edinburgh into a soul music obsessed family, Natasha was introduced to rare Soul, Funk, Boogie and Rare Disco from a young age. Some of her earliest musical influences would probably be classed as Northern or Modern Soul.

Natasha has been lighting up dancefloors across the globe with her energetic and eclectic brand of underground disco. With recent releases on Tribe, Ghetto Disco, Masterworks Music and a forthcoming release on Midnight Riot, Natasha has also solidly entrenched herself in the top tier of modern disco producers.

Sneaky Disco EP76 Featuring Exclusive Guest MIX Little Louie Vega

Tracklist Good2Groove

1) Pressure Point - First Choice 2) Let you go - Pete Le Freq 3) Loosen Up Your Collar - Chugging Edits 4) This Is How I Do - Hotmood 5) Mama Don’t Papa Won’t - Loleatta Holloway 6) Tropical Funk - Cole Medina 7)Give It To Me - Horse Meat Disco 8 Clap Your Hands - Funk The Beat 9) Disco Klap - Walterino 10) What I Got - Dr Packer 11) Circles -Atlantic Starr, Joey Negro

Sneaky Disco 3rd birthday show with a special guest mix from House Music legend Louie Vega. We are so thankful for all the support we have received over the last 3yrs from fantastic dj's & producers to all the beautiful people that listen & share the show & also Boogie Bunker Radio who have been really supportive. Thank you, and here's to another great year. Enjoy the show & thank you Louie Vega !


What can we say about LOUIE VEGA..... Grammy Winner, Career Spanning over 35 years and having played the world over more time and to more people than we could ever count..... LOUIE VEGA is a LIVING LEGEND and TRUE to this thing here we call HOUSE and the growth of the music over all!


A godfather of global dance music, Louie Vega has painted an award-winning career from a palette mixed with everything from salsa and afro-beat, to jazz, hip-hop and soul.
A godfather of global dance music, Louie Vega has painted an award-winning career from a palette mixed with everything from salsa and afro-beat, to jazz, hip-hop and soul. What distinguishes the Grammy winner and 4-time nominee as one of the best living house music deejays is his ability to evolve alongside the times, distill the current musical landscape through his unique taste and put his own timeless spin on it. “Little” Louie Vega, as he is sometimes affectionately known, was born in the Bronx into a musically gifted family (his father, a jazz saxophonist, and his uncle, Salsa King Héctor Lavoe). The “Little” moniker is ironic, given the fact that by the 80s he was deejaying at clubs he wasn’t even old enough to attend, holding residencies at Studio 54, Devil’s Nest, Hearthrob, Roseland, and the Palladium. Soon Vega was producing his own remixes, which included Information Society’s “Running”, Noel’s “Silent Morning” and Debbie Gibson’s “Only in my Dreams”. Then in 1991 he joined Atlantic Records—and hit the mainstream. Teaming with an-up-and-coming Marc Anthony, he helped to produce “Ride on the Rhythm”. An immediate hit, the single put Vega and Anthony on the map. The duo would rock the club circuit, with their success culminating when they opened for Tito Puente at his 100 Album concert at Madison Square Garden.
One of the keys to Vega’s success is his knack for refusing to being boxed into any one category, not only reflected in the various music styles his songs play with, but by his fruitful collaborations with other artists. And so more success came in 1991 from the production team he created with Brooklyn-based deejay Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez. Masters at Work, as they were called, were responsible for the critically acclaimed albums “Nuyorican Soul” and “Masters At Work – Our Time is Coming”. Not to mention the duo found the time to remix and or produce for Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Madonna, Jamiroquai, Tito Puente, India, Janet Jackson, Tania Maria, George Benson, Black Eyed Peas, Jocelyn Brown, Los Amigos Invisibles, Bebe Winans, and Earth Wind & Fire. 
Vega has always been hungry for a challenge, and the aughts saw him move into new roles that expanded on his artistry; first up, that of record label owner. Featuring a roster that included Anané Vega, Luisito Quintero, Elements Of Life (his live band), Mr. V, Boddhi Satva, Hugh Masekela, Roberto Roena, Lisa Fischer, and Cindy Mizelle, Vega Records has released over 130 singles and 9 Full Length CD / Albums. In addition, Louie Vega has released over 25 compilations (with over 2 million cds sold) on the industry’s most revered imprints, including Ministry of Sound Recordings, Defected Records, Kingstreet, Azuli, Division (Italy), Concept, & Strictly Rhythm records. 
In his other venture he joined with world-renowned NYC-based jewelry designer Kenny Hwang to create a signature line of hats, jewelry, t-shirts, and additional memorabilia. As these businesses flourished, so did Vega’s music, and in 2006 he received a Grammy Award for his remix of Curtis Mayfield’s “Superfly” on Rhino Records. Then, not more than a year later, Cirque Du Soleil approached him and the house-music group Blaze to compose and produce a song for a once in a lifetime event. And so Anané Vega and Elements Of life performed the song “One Dream” to the acrobatics of Cirque Du Soleil during the 2007 Super Bowl Pre-Game Show to over 70,000 people at Dolphin Stadium in Florida and were seen by 145 million television viewers.
…Yet as we move through the twenty-tens, Louie shows no signs of slowing down…
The past four years since April 2010 have brought forth yet another outlet for Vega. Hosted by Vega and Kevin Hedge, the Roots NYC LIVE Radio Show airs on WBLS 107.5 (New York’s longest running R&B and soul radio station). Rated the #3 radio show in New York on Friday night, they air every Friday from 10PM – Midnight (stream live To keep the music flowing on all the continents, Vega can also be heard every Saturday from 5pm – 6pm over IBIZA SONICA on the Sunset Ritual Radio show with Anane Vega in Spain (, and every Saturday at 10pm via KAYA FM’s Dance Ritual with Louie Vega ( in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ever the music innovator, in 2013 Vega released Elements of Life – Eclipse on the legendary Fania records. The record, 4 ½ years in the making, keeps the style of Vega’s earlier albums (African, Jazz, Latin, World), but injects it with Soul, R&B, Gospel and Blues. Featured artists on the album include Anané Vega, Lisa Fischer, Cindy Mizelle, Ursula Rucker, Josh Milan, Luisito Quintero, Oveus Maximus and an all-star cast of musicians. The occasion was momentous not only because it was the first new artist album Fania had released in years. In Vega’s words, “…[It] really comes full circle now, being able to be on the label my uncle Héctor Lavoe was on and the Fania All Stars who are all great inspirations for me. Fania Records is to Latin music what Motown is to R&B and Soul, so to even be a small page in this encyclopedia of music is a dream come true for me.”
With all the good fortune he’s received, Vega finds it crucial to give back. During most of his free time he donates Vega Memorabilia to auctions, deejays at fundraisers and serves as a good will ambassador for the Christian Rivera Foundation. Currently, Vega and Anané are headlining their Sunset Ritual brand, an outdoor party held at prestigious beach clubs around the world and drenched in the sounds of House, Global Disco, Afro tech and Old School. Sunset Ritual has toured the Mediterranean every summer since 2010, including a two-year residency at the Blue Marlin beach club in Ibiza. Just this past year, from the 21st of June until the 20th of September 2013, the Sunset Ritual’s good vibes were back in Ibiza, this time at the famed Ushuaïa Hotel. This May 2014, Anané and Louie will release the first Sunset Ritual cd/dvd. Then in the summer Sunset Ritual will resume across beaches of Ibiza, Formentera, Italy, and Greece. In 2014, Masters At Work will reunite with a full blown project and Anthology on the House Masters Defected Release #21. Louie Vega & Kenny Dope will once again come together to create music and do what they do best, produce and make you dance!Breaking down musical barriers and bringing people together through a love of music has always been Vega’s aim; after more than 20 years in the game his contributions continue to positively influence the global house and world music. 
Listen closely as the best has yet to come from Louie Vega!

Sneaky Disco EP75 Featuring Exclusive Guest MIX C Da Afro

Folamour -The Power and The Blessing of Unity
Anabel Englund, Purple Disco Machine -London Headache (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Sven, Ourra, Alena, Yam Who? - Play It Tight (Yam Who? Remix)
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Get On Ur Feet
Mastercris, Kathy Diamond, Art Of Tones - Whistle Down The Wild (Art Of Tones Remix)
Jarred Gallo -Be Alright
Robert Owens, Josh Caffe, PJU, Horse Meat Disco - Give It to Me [Horse Meat Disco Remix] (feat. Josh Caffe & Robert Owens [Horse Meat Disco Remix])
80's Child - What Would You Do
Rayko - Straight from the Heart
Walterino - Disco Klap (Main Mix)

C Da Afro hailing from Greece C is one of the frontrunners in disco and edits production - He Has had a string of releases this year and has featured on our show numerous time - and now we get a guest mix!!

Disco - Disco House - Edits.
Radio Producer & Owner Of Nitro Radio 102.5 FM
Vinyl Collector.
Releases On:
* Midnight Riot Records
* SpinCat Music
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Sneaky Disco EP74 Featuring Exclusive Guest MIX Pete Le Freq

Pete has been making what he likes in headphones come out the big speakers for the last 18 years.

He's mostly recently known for running Alpaca Edits, but has also ran Llama Farm Recordings for the last 10 years.

His productions have been played and remixed by the likes of Dj Heather, Giom, Jay-J, Inland Knights, Kinky Movement, and Kenny Summit & Eric Kupper. More recently he's been getting noticed for his edits and reworks through  Alfa Flite and as being one half (along with Jon Baker-Hood) as That Needs An Edit.

Pete's reworks have found their way into the USBs of Late Nite Tuff Guy and 80s Child, as well as radio play on BBC 6 Music's Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show, and BBC Introducing.

The second volume of Alpaca Edits “Kicking Cancer in the Nuts” compilations recently made £700 for Macmillan Cancer Support, and the label goes from strength to strength featuring the likes of Dr Packer, Fingerman, Chuggin Edits, Andy Buchan, South Beach Recycling, C Da Afro, Situation, RockNRolla Soundsystem and a host of others.

He currently holds down residencies in his hometown of York (at Sotano) as well as a 53 Degrees North in Leeds.

Alpaca Edits:

Juno Download:


Sneaky Disco EP72 Featuring Exclusive Guest MIX Kellini

Tracklist Good2Groove
1. Pablo & Shoey - Raw Human Emotion - Part 2 (Original Mix)
2. Dr.Packer - Corner St. Boogie
3. Shapeshifters - When love breaks Down
4. Ziggy Phunk - Think About It (Ultimate Moog mix)
5. Eli Escobar - Handz Up (Happy Clap Mix)
6. Luke Solomon, Queen Rose, Amy Douglas - Light You Up
7. Tom Trago - Use me again
8. Cram - A Good Night (Purple Disco Machine remix)
9. Barbara Tucker - Think (About It) (Spen & Thommy’s Summer of Dub)
10. Dj Fudge - Good Inside
11. Prospect Park - Till You Surrender (DJ Fudge Disco Mix)

This weeks guest Mix is form the one and only Kellini.Kellini is an up and comming Norwegian based house/nudisco/indiedance Dj and producer from Norway. He`s been dj´ing for 17 years and has had releases on the Labels:Walking Disco Records, Hot Digits Music, Black Riot, Thunder Jam Records
Kellini is a house/nudisco/indiedance Dj and producer from Norway.
Label:Walking Disco Records, Hot Digits Music, Black Riot, Thunder Jam Records
His Music