Sneaky Disco EP113 Featuring Good2Groove And Exclusive Guest Mix From Barry & Gibbs

Good2Groove Track list

1) Get The Funk Out Ma’Face - Dave Gerrard

2) Waves Of Funk - Dr Packer

3) That Piano Track - Austin’s Groove

4) Burning - Pete Le Freq

5) Shoulda Been You - Danny Cruz

6) U Got Me Spinning - Seamus Haji

7) Soul On Fire - Hatiras, Angelo Ferreri

8. Act The Fool - Kinky Movement

9) Just Be - Distant People , Richelle Hicks

10) I Can’t Be You - Babert

Barry & Gibbs Tracklist

1) Castle Queenside - Groove to This

2) Osmose - Oh Midnight

3) Ladies on Mars - Sexy Dancer

4) Paster Lappe - Na real Sekele Fo Ya (B&G edit)

5) Advance - Take me to the top (Michael Gray Remix)

6) Barry & Gibbs - Hanging Out At The Disco

7) Ziggy Phunk - Sugar Sugar

8) Gerry Read - It'll All Be Over (DJ Koze Remix)

9)Claborg,Cristopher Ross - Baby Com'on

10)Doug Willis - Doug's So Glad Ur Here (Doug's Percussive Introduction Mix)

11)The Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing (Barry & Gibbs edit

Sneaky Disco EP112 Featuring Good2Groove And Exclusive Guest Mix From Melgado

Good2Groove Tracklist

1.    Flevans, Art Of Tones - Who's Got Me (feat. Laura Vane) (Art Of Tones Extended Remix)

2.    Dubble D, Doreen E - Pride (Main Mix)

3.    Birdee - Movin' On (Original Mix)

4.    Ziggy Phunk - Sugar Sugar (Original Mix)

5.    Dave Leatherman, Bruce Nolan, Alexander Koning - Face the Truth (Alexander Koning Disco Dub)

6.    Castle Queenside - Groove To This

7.    Christian James, Cody Currie - The WHIP (Cody Currie Remix)

8.    Advance, Michael Gray - Take Me To The Top (Michael Gray Remix)

9.    Oliver Dollar - Jam Hot

10.  N-You-Up, Saison - Jazz Bar (Saison Rework)

11.  Candido, The Reflex - Dancin' And Prancin' (The Reflex Revision)

Guestmix Fabietto Delgado aka (Melgado/Ankle Release)[Midnight Riot Records / Masterworks Music]

- LAROZE "I wanna know" (Let's Play House)
- LETHERETTE "Just for you" [Live edit] (Wulf)
- APPAREL WAX "005 Track3" (Apparel Music)
- ARI BALD "Pacific Tears" (Zissou)
- GERRY READ "It'll all be over" [Dj Koze Remix] (Pampa)
- LETHERETTE "Tell me theat you like it" (Wulf)
- JK "Reminiscence" (Loveit)
- NYRA "Take me to the water" (Canoe)
- ALFA CORNAE "Cornae" (FD White)
- LAROZE "I don't need you" (Let's Play House)
- MYD "Superdiscoteca" (Ed Banger)
- BELPAESE "Fonde e confonde" (Belpaese Edits)
- SYLVESTER "Be with you" (Ariola)

Sneaky Disco EP111 Featuring Good2Groove And Exclusive Guest Mix From Chaka Kenn

The first hour of the show is from your hosts as usual Good2Groove and then this weeks guest mix is from the one and only Chaka Kenn!!






Sneaky Disco EP110 Featuring Good2Groove

  1. JAVI FRIAS - Just Give It Up

  2. Dr Packer - Power

  3. Lakeshore Commission, Joey Negro - Together (Right Now) (JN Raw Uncut Mix)

  4. Patawawa, Hot Toddy - Wires (Hot Toddy Disco Dub)

  5. HP Vince, Dave Leatherman - Everybody Get Up

  6. Jimmy Ross, Re-Tide - First True Love Affair (Re-Tide Traxsource Exclusive Remix)

  7. James Rod - ItAss All (James Rod & Fran Deeper Re-edit)

  8. Oliver Dollar - Jam Hot

  9. Hotmood - I Was Born In Mexico

  10. C. Da Afro - Funky Groover (Original Mix)

  11. Folamour - The Power and Blessing of Unity

  12. The Journey Men - Levels

  13. Foo Funkers, Raul Osvaldini - Deep Feeling (Extended Mix)

  14. Jarred Gallo - Bump The Funk

  15. Hobbs (UK), Roukin - Game Plan (Original Mix)

  16. Natasha Kitty Katt - Bumpy Night

  17. HP Vince, Dave Leatherman - Let The Music Take You High (Original Mix)

  18. COEO - Mydonna

  19. Mark Lower - Do What You Want (Original Mix)

  20. Rubb Sound System - I'm The One (Original Mix)

  21. Jarred Gallo - Fancy Freak

Sneaky Disco EP109 Featuring Good2Groove and Exclusive Guest Mix from Ladies On Mars

Good2Groove Tracklist

1) Someone To Count on - Ian Ossia

2) Feels So Good - SR Edits

3) Get My Luvin - Fingerman

4) Let’s Move - Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee

5) Boogie Gonna Get Ya - Rafael Cameron, The Reflex

6) Superstar Ft Wado. - Daniel Jaze, Wado, Margherita

7) Get Off - Kristof Tigran, Tommy Glasses

8. Disco Spring - SR Edits

9) Back For More - Da Lukas

10) What About The People - Rockers Revenge, Full Intention


01. Dr Packer - Its Not Over (Original Mix)

02. Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band - The Secret Life Of Us Feat Donna Gardier & Diane Charlemagne (The Reflex Revision) 

03. Rapson - Heat (feat. Nathan Thomas) (OPOLOPO Extended Remix)

04. Paolo Bardelli - Lesson 3

05. Chromeo - Juice (Purple Disco Machine Remix) 

06. Barry&Gibbs - Let Her Dance (Original Mix) 

07. Ladies On Mars - Sharp & Shout (Original Mix)

08. Dr Packer - I Want Your Luv (Dr Packer's 122bpm Reconstruction)

09. Suzie, Mousse T. - All Nite Long (Dimitri from Paris Jack LeDisco Mix) 

10. Dee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (The Reflex Bootsy Q-Tip Revision) 

11. Purple Disco Machine - Move Or Not (Original Mix) 

12. Ladies On Mars - Broken Heart (Original Mix) 

13. Michael Jackson - Dont Stop Till You Get Enough (Ladies On Mars “Feverball” Mix)

14. Ladies On Mars - Boogie On Time (Original Mix)

15. Late Nite Tuff Guy - Do I Believe In God (LNTG Edit)


Mode contest), "Richie Hawtin Fascinated me In Moonpark", "Make It Real" for the

Prison Entertainment label, "Broken Heart" for the Minus Mal label, "Vanilla" and

"Dancer Bee" of the Prison Entertainment label, becoming the EP in the TOP10 of the

Beatport TOP100 Dance Releases Chart in the 2019.

His current favorite artists are Dr Packer, The Reflex, Purple Disco Machine and Mousse T.

He has played at great festivals such as: The Gay Pride March of Buenos Aires, Argentina

2017 for more than 100,000 people, Festival Emerging City of Buenos Aires and the

Máncora Festival in Peru.

Jonathan shared a booth with Great Artists and International DJs: DJ Suri (ESP), Beth

Sacks (USA), Nikki Valentine (BR), DJ Tommy Love (BR), Frankie Flowers (GER),

Ricardo Rodriguez (GER) as well as Argentines : Adrian Hour, Spitfire, Carlos Shaw,

LeFrak, Rayo Club, Rafael Sorol, Toomy Disco, Diego Jazan, Riki Club, Juan Manuel, 2

Robots, Tomas Abella, Gus Bonani, Femmes On Desk, Carlos Esnaola, Nico Beldi, Miss

Akane, Marian Vigneau, Hernan Paredes, etc ..

During his career I refer to artists like: Depeche Mode, AKA AKA, Alex

Young, Daniele Petronelli, Home Video, Fabian Argomedo, Adrian Hour,

etc ...


Jonathan Douglas Braverman

mobil: (+54) 911 67413166


For more info:








Sneaky Disco EP108 Featuring Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix From Chris Burgess

Good2Groove Tracklist
1. Rafael Cameron, The Reflex - Boogie's Gonna Get Ya (The Reflex Revision)
2. Raquel Rodriguez, Joey Negro - We Go Together (Joey Negro Groove Style Dub)
3. LADIES ON MARS - Sexy Dancer
4. Marc Heun - Le Paris
5. Dr Packer - Just Can't Take (Original Mix)
6. HP Vince - The First Time (The Hot Mix)
7. Mark Lower - Where The Party's At (Original Mix)
8. Mirko & Meex - Good Feeling (Original Mix)
9. Moodena - What Da Funk
10. Mark Funk - Brass Groove (Original Mix)
11. ANGELO FERRERI - We Wanna Do

Chris Burgess Tracklist (All vinyl Bar where stated)

Moving in (The thing for Linda EP) Kerri Chandler. DVS
Dope Stuff (Elektrik Afrika mix) Black Jazz Chronicles
Take Control H-MAN (Return of the H EP)
Gibby Disco (Johnny Fiasco club mix) Apollo Grooves vol 1
Music Takes me higher (Disco Elements vol 4) Robert Mello
Keep the fire burning (JJ’s Disco Universal) Gwen McCrea
Bourgie Bourgie (Joey Negro Super Bourgeoisie mix) Gladys Knight and the Pips
Over like a fat rat (Victor Simonelli Club mix) Fonda Rae
Still Here ( Morales Dub) Kings of house NYC. DVS
In my life (Jose’s vocal mix) Jose Nunez feat Octavia
Cant let you go (Louie Vega and Josh Milan mix) Loleatta Holloway. DVS

Sneaky Disco EP107 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix Ed Mahon

Download Link:
Blog post of Ed:

Good2Groove Tracklist:

1) Take Me To The Funk - Nick Morris, Dave Scott, Franco Moiraghi

2) Mama Don’t Pap Won’t - The Reflex

3) Midnight Dub - Doc Jam

4) I Don’t Have A Drum Machine - Yulsek

5) Dynamite - Kiu D, Dr Packer

6) I Feel Your Love - Barry & Gibbs

7) Sexy Dancer - Sheldon So Goode, John Morales

8. Sould Out - Across The Sky - Sould Out

9) Lovin Me (Get Down Edits Remix) - JB Dizzy

10) Cajun Moon - FFA

11)No Wonder - Manning, Sheree Hicks, Fam Disco

Guest Mix Ed Mahon - Tracklist:
1. Opolopo & Hubert Laws - I Tell the Story ft. Gregory Porter 
2. Sub Human Bros - Last Day Of Magic (Alex Pardini remix) 
3. Jeangu Macrooy - Aisa (FNX Omar remix)
4. Dennis Ferrer ft. Bola Belo - Dem People Go (Wolf Story remix)
5. Andy Buchan - Spectral (Dr Packer's Acid Disco mix)
6. Doc Martin - Music from My Soul (Homero Espinosa and Tony's Juno 106 dub)
7. DJ Sneak & Jesse Perez ft. KE - Back & Forth
8. Groove Assassin - Wanna Luv U
9. Fiorious - I'm Not Defeated (12" mix)
10. Juan Kidd, DJ Jorj & Michelle Weeks - Be Real (Jason Herd vocal remix)
11. Modento - Give Me the Sunshine (Vertigini remix)
12. PBR Streetgang - Ferric (ft. Danielle Moore) (Psychemagik remix)
Ed is a DJ and producer with a strong house music background stretching back to the early 90s. 
As Cowbell Radio & Alfresco Festival co-founder/resident he is equally at home playing acid house chuggers, straight up house, disco edits or Balearic beats, he is a Festival regular and an in-demand guest mixer. 
Having just returned from some winter gigs in Tenerife, Ed will be playing at the forthcoming Alfresco parties, his various North west residencies, the UK Festival circuit and Ibiza later this year!
Production-wise 2019 will see his own recordings and remixes released on labels such as Tici Taci, NEIN, Emerald & Doreen and $hit Disco, to add to his recent releases on Hot Digits, Paper, Field of Dreams and Eclectics.
The best way to keep up is to follow him at 

Sneaky Disco EP106 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix MagneticSoul

Download Link:

1. Sunner Soul - What Are You Waiting For (original mix)
2. LADIES ON MARS - Boogie On Time
4. THE FUNK DISTRICT - Tasty Shakes
5. NEBRASKA - Drill Deep
6. LADIES ON MARS - Ready To Go
8. CODY CURRIE - Oderberger
9. DIRTY CHANNELS - Born In Douala
10. AIMES - Makin' Moves
11. Saison - Moments

MagneticSoul Bio
Dj, producer, all round music obsessive and vinyl collector with a keen ear and passion for digging out forgotten gems to give them a fresh slant rather than rehashing all the overplayed classics.

Releasing on the Dab Hand label as well as Eps on Midnight Riot, Rotating Souls, Editorial and Kojak Giant Sounds he has built up a solid back catalogue of infectious, deep disco, funk and soul-infused grooves.

As a dj of 20 years playing the best of underground house, deep disco, classic boogie, funk and proto house sounds. Check mixcloud link for other archived mixes and get in touch if you are interested in hearing more.

Sneaky Disco EP105 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix Robot 84


DJ, Producer & Remixer

ROBOT84 is the brainchild of DJ, Producer & Remixer, Scott Ferguson.

Ferguson started DJing in the 90s when House & Balearica were king, developing his well known eclectic style which blends together House, Deep House and Techno among others. During this time he held a string of successful residencies in Scotland such as ‘Citrus Club’,‘Carbolick Frolick’, ‘Spaceface’ and ‘Dogtastic’.

The 00s were spent working on various projects experimenting with Disco, RnB and Hip-Hop. But it was back in 2011 that he felt his House roots calling him and in that same year ROBOT84 was born.

The last few years have been exciting for ROBOT84 having worked with some great artists, enjoying some cool gigs in Ibiza and releasing original tracks and remixes on Secret Life, ISM, Midnight Riot, Under No Illusions, Insect Queen & Paper Disco...all receiving great support from the dance music community/press.

2016 has got off to a flying start, with releases on Paper, UNI, Secret Life, Midnight Riot, Brighton based Horizon recordings and Berlin’s Nein records.

The height of the Summer has seen the mighty Nervous records in New York, release original material ‘Right on’, without a doubt this is a career highlight!

Also this year and not forgetting, the recent collaboration with old stable mate Yam Who? on a Balearic comp for Midnight Riot.

As the Summer comes to a close, the reputable - Is it Balearic? label have just signed a Larry Heard influenced remix which demonstrates Robot84 at his best.

Robot84 is working his way round the best of the underground music scene and definitely is one to watch…

Sneaky Disco EP104 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix Victor Simonelli

Victor Simonelli's name is synonymous with the cutting edge of the Dance Music scene. Simonelli is one of the New York’s finest and most prolific DJ's. He was also one of the early pioneers of the unique NYC underground dance music movement that has now become a phenomenon it its own right and religiously followed by the clubbing faithful the world over. A producer/re-mixer, song writer, record label owner, and highly sought after DJ, are just four facets of this multi-talented young man. His discography of production, writing. mixing and editing credits reads like a "Who's Who!

For Victor Simonelli Labels See these below links:

Bassline Rec 
Big Big Trax 
West Side Rec 
Stellar Rec 
Unkwn Rec 
Brooklyn Trax

Label links on FB…/?type=3&theater

Sneaky Disco EP103 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix Mr LENNY FONTANA Exclusive Live Show

This was recorded live in the Mountains of Tenerife as the fantastic ourdoor club of Finca with ourselves Good2Groove kicking off the mix with the awesome Lenny Fontana joimning us live for a guest mix!

Lennys Bio
Lenny Fontana a true New Yorker learned his craft from Radio personality DJ Frankie Crocker, the program director of WBLS 107.5 In NYC. Inspired by DJ Larry Levan, Fontana went on to play at Studio 54 in the late 80’s and other NYC Clubs. Through the 1990's he travelled the world and played at many famous nightclubs globally.
In 1991 he was the first US DJ to play at Pacha Ibiza and in Dubai.
In 1992 Lenny had his first successful production with Butch Quick’s "Higher" (Strictly Rhythm). In 1999 he had his first crossover hit record, "What You Need" (Defected Records/Ministry Of Sound) with under the name Powerhouse Feat. Duane Harden. This was a Top 10 hit in the UK and was performed on the famous TV show Top of the Pops and the Pepsi Chart Show. In 2000 Lenny recorded his hit, "Chocolate Sensation" (FFRR/Warner). Both singles crossed over from the House charts to the Pop charts with the videos on heavy rotation on MTV worldwide. In 2005 Lenny Fontana pres. Octah'via
(of C+C Music Factory) "The Way"(Defected Records), which became a dance club hit. After some soul searching, Fontana founded Karmic Power Records in 2013.

In 2015 Lenny Fontana & D-Train "Raise Your Hands" (Karmic Power Records) was a huge success as WMC Miami. Including remixes by David Morales and others, it received support from Louie Vega, Tony Humphries and many other DJ's worldwide. At the end of 2015 the record hit the #3 position in The Music Week Club Chart UK, and #14 in the End of the Year Chart. Lenny also produced a successful single for Meli'sa Morgan, "So Good"(Fresh Entertainment/RFC Rec).
In 2016 and 2017, D-Train’s follow-up single "When You Feel What Love Has" (Karmic Power Records) received worldwide attention and hit the #4 position on Music Week Club Chart UK. With over 650 spins a week on daytime radio rotation in the USA, the song hit the #31 position on the Nielsen Billboard Indicator Radio Chart (USA) and
the huge urban station WBLS 107.5 FM, Sirius XM Venus, Music Choice and many other FM stations added it to their daytime rotation. Currently, Lenny has had a release with the famous UK Artist Alison Limerick called Bye Bye (Karmic Power Records) with Phats & Smalls Remixes. In 2018 recently he has touched his productions skills into creating a full pure disco record called “FIRE" with the lead vocalist
Shirley Lites from Westend Records / Atlantic Records. This has been well received and played all over Ibiza and all Glitterbox parties making it tune of the month in Mixmag Disco column. It will now be released on Midnight Riot Records with a new package. Lenny is working with Hitmaker Vocalist Chris Willis on a collaboration called “Top Of the World” which should hit by fall of 2018. Lenny has returned to his Disco Roots producing some serious tracks for the UK and Europe watch for this.

Lenny has a weekly syndicated radio show called "The Karmic Power Records Radio Show” which is broadcasted around the world on stations such as Kiss Fm (Au), Radio Italia Network, Funky SX, Select Radio, Ibiza Live Radio, and more. He is also in the middle of producing a series of radio shows called “History of House” which also will be announced soon. So there is a lot in the works coming from Mr. Lenny Fontana.

Sneaky Disco EP102 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix - Ivan Jack

Download Link

Good2Groove Tracklist
1) At Midnight- Sartorial 
2)Try It (Again) Moody Bee
3) I Seen You Before - Twism & Dj Queen B
4) Parissior - Make Me Funk
5) Do It Right - Mattei & Omich
6) Sad Girls - The Dj Lawyer
7) 4 Ur Love- Kevin McKay 
8) Shake & Blow - Twisted Soul Collective 
9) He Is The Joy - Donna Allen
10) Let Somebody Love You - Sister Sledge

Ivan Jack 
1 - The Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (The Reflex Instrumental Revision)
2 - Ferry Ultra feat. Ashley Slater - Why Did You Do It (The Reflex Dub)
3 - Kid Creole and The Coconuts - My Male Curiosity � (The Reflex Revision)
4 - Joey Negro And The Sunburst Band - The Secret Life Of Us Feat Donna Gardier & Diane Charlemagne (The Reflex Vocodub Revision)
5 - Judge Funk - Heads
6 - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Bad Luck (The Reflex Revision)
7 - Pantalon - In the Nick of Time
8 - Ivan Jack - You Can Dance
9 - Deee Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (The Reflex Instrumental)
10 - Ziggy Phunk - Those Tears 
11 - Change, Re-Tide - Hold Tight (Re-Tide Remix)
12 - Babert - Keep Moving (Original Mix)
13 - HP Vince, Dave Leatherman, Samo - Down Like That (Nu Disco Mix)
14 - Babert, Dinero, Ivan Jack - Happiness
15 - Dom Dolla, Torren Foot - Be Randy
16 - Barry&Gibbs - Let Her Dance
17 - Ivan Jack - Nothing Is The Same (Remix)
18 - David Penn ATFC - Down Wid Da
19 - Ivan Jack - Gonna Get Down
20 - Walterino - DiscoBionic (Main Mix)
21 - Alaia, Gallo - Underground
22 - Ivan Jack - Alright
23 - Double Exposure - Ten Percent (The Reflex Revision)
24 - Luca Debonaire - Keep On Rockin It 
25 - MD DJ, DJ Rabinu - Born Funky
26 - St Jude - Groovin
27 - Brothers in Arts - Yes Yoh (Ivan Jack Remix)
28 - AVA (It) - The Switch
29 - Todd Terry, Gypsymen - Babarabatiri (David Penn Remix)
30 - The Funk District - The Power of the Voodoo
31 - Marc Evans - The Way U Love Me (Dim's T.S.O.P. Version)

Ivan Jack is an Italian/French DJ producer. He started spinning vinyls at the age of 14 on a pair of Technics SL1210 turntables and he began producing dance music on a Mac with Cubase when he was 17 years old.
During the 90's he composed and produced for many labels (Media Records, Time Records, Pro DJ International, Jive, Island Records, ZYX, Avex, LED Records, Looking Forward).
In 2001 he founded DIGITIME his own publishing company member of S.A.C.E.M. (France).
In 2015 he co-founded Disco Revenge a Nu Disco oriented house record label in association with Mirco Berti a.k.a. Babert and in 2016 he was awarded TOP 100 wordlwide Nu-Disco Artist by Traxsource.
In 2017 his single Dock of The Bay reached #1 in Beatport Top 100 Dance Chart.

Ivan Jack Bio

Ivan Jack is an Italian/French DJ producer. He started spinning vinyls at the age of 14 on a pair of Technics SL1210 turntables and he began producing dance music on a Mac with Cubase when he was 17 years old.

During the 90's he composed and produced for many labels (Media Records, Time Records, Pro DJ International, Jive, Island Records, ZYX, Avex, LED Records, Looking Forward).

In 2001 he founded DIGITIME his own publishing company member of S.A.C.E.M. (France).

In 2015 he co-founded Disco Revenge a Nu Disco oriented house record label in association with Mirco Berti a.k.a. Babert and in 2016 he was awarded TOP 100 wordlwide Nu-Disco Artist by Traxsource.

In 2017 his single Dock of The Bay reached #1 in Beatport Top 100 Dance Chart.

Sneaky Disco EP101 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix - Le Babar

Good2Groove Tracklist
1. ART OF TONES - Radio Hustle
2. Ankle Release - Penache
3. MASSIMO VOCI - Yes Lord
4. DEADLY SINS - Something's Up
5. ANDY BUCHAN - The Big Do
7. Cohen - Sit Up 
8. Snax - Turn It (feat Marvin - Sleazy Mcqueen dub)
9. LEVANTINE - In The City
10. SARTORIAL - 6 Million
11. CAPTAIN MORGAN - Cold Bloody

Le Babar
Le Babar is born and raised in Belgium. His name is derived from the famous French King Elephant cartoon, and like his title, he is most definitely one of the new Kings of underground house music. The mood and atmosphere of Le Babar’s music encompasses that of a wide variety of the styles he grew up listening to, such as disco, funk, old-school, and 90’s French touch. Le Babar has released tracks on 294 records,Great Lakes Audio, Springbok, Fogbank, and an array of others. From his musical productions to his tasty, Dj sets, Le Babar is certainly a respected producer not to be missed.


Sneaky Disco EP100 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix - Full Intention

Welcome to our 4th birthday show - we would like to thank everyone for all the amazing support - so we have managed to get one of our most amaizng guest mixes ever!! Th eone and only full intention!!

Full Intention duo Michael Gray and Jon Pearn need no introductions. Spreading their dominating sound for the last 15 years they have been a pioneering force on the global dance music scene. The pair have secured a seemingly non-stop string of successf..

They produced numerous huge club and charts hits, nearly all of them becoming all-time classics. Their discography includes such great tunes, like “I Love America”, “I’ll Be Waiting (with Shena), “Spanish Hustle”, “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” and Sex-o-sonique “I Thought It Was You”, to name but a few.

Full Intention have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, like Paloma Faith, Duke (So in love with you), Jamiroquai, Whitney Houston, Barbara Tucker, Mood 2 Swing, Ella Henderson, Brandy, Ultra Nate, Aly-us, Fish go Deep, Inner City & DJ Anna and not to forget the Grammy nomination for their remix of George Michael’s “Amazing”. So no wonder their innovating sound had a huge impact on the whole scene and influenced many other big producers.

Michael Gray and Jon Pearn are enjoying their success with a string of strong releases and DJ sets for labels like Defected, Simma Black, Off Recordings, Suara, BluFin, Rebirth and their own label Full Intention Recordings.

Sneaky Disco EP99 Feat Good2Groove Exclusive Guest Mix TheGet Up


The guest mix this week is from TheGet Up a series of house music nights based in halifax. With Chris Iredale a resident from Dendos back in the day, Marshall and Paul Murray who are UpYerRonson Legends and also ourselves Good2Groove we play quality house music from now and the past to make it a night you wont forget.

Sneaky Disco EP 98 Feat Good2Groove with exclusive guest mix from Claborg

Good2Groove Tracklist
DIABLO, Neil - Foreva
Alex Zuiev - Bus Stop
SAMO - Spiritual Things (Original Mix)
Sheila Ford, Kiko Navarro - Harmony (My Name Is Sheila) (Kiko's Funk Explosion Mix)
LOVE DROP - Don't Look Back (original mix)
PATRICE RUSHEN - Never Gonna Give You Up (Joey Negro Re-Grooved mix)
Hifi Sean - Lost without U (feat. Paris Grey)
Doug Willis - Doug's Disco Theme


1 Claborg - It's OK 2018 Original Mix
2 Claborg - Relax feat.Bonatti Claborg Funk Mix
3 Claborg, Alan Junior, Alex Barrow - In the Backstage Original Mix
4 Claborg - Think of You Original Mix
5 Claborg - Rainbow Original Mix
6 Claborg - Twenty Four Original Mix
7 Claborg - Destruction Original Mix
8 Claborg, Ron Jameson - Le Funk Original Mix
9 Paolo Bardelli, Alan Junior - Groovy Original Mix
10 Paolo Bardelli, Sharon May Linn - The Situation Original Mix
11 Claborg, Paolo Bardelli - Happiness Original Mix

Sneaky Disco EP97 Feat Good2Groove With Exclusive Guest Mix From Napoleon

Good2Groove Tracklist:
1. MARTELLO - Let's Get Down Tonight
2. Bas Roos & Guy Steve - Piece Of Soul
3. Lup Ino - Lying to My Lie
4. Soundersons, Yam Who? - Sopa De Tomate (Yam Who? Remix)
5. Walterino - Disco Nights
6. Hotmood - Classic
7. Disco Incorporated - Mr Montana (Original Mix)
8. Sartorial - Music Power
9. LEGO EDIT - Bird's Groove (Lego Dub 5 AM)
10. The Funk District - Soul Dose
11. DOORLY - Cafe Mambo Disco Pumper
12 Re-Tide - Dirty Love (Original Mix)

Guest DJ - Napoleon

Sneaky Disco EP96 Feat Good2Groove With Exclusive Guest Mix From Ian Ossia - 11:10:2018, 22.24.mp3

1. MIKE WOODS - Mind Funk
2. Reece Johnson - Neyt Life
3. Rapson - Heat (feat. Nathan Thomas) [OPOLOPO Remix]
4. IPG V Hot Toddy - Slow Motion Cowboy (Hifi Sean remix)
5. DISKO JUNKIE - House Is A Feeling (dub mix)
6. SARTORIAL - You & Me
7. TONBE - Dope Kicks
8. C DA AFRO - Shaking Boogie Love
9. RE-TIDE/P-JAY - Rock It
10. DA LUKAS - Don't Panic
11. GET TO KNOW - The Big Throwdown (Yam Who? remix)

Ian Ossia
Ian Ossia started DJing professionally in 1992 gaining a residency alongside Sasha at what was to become one of the world’s first ‘super clubs’ - Renaissance. He has played in 37 countries spanning Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America, playing in the world’s best clubs. One of the founders of progressive house at it’s inception, Ian has been recently following his early love of childhood 70’s and 80’s sounds that have been re-invigorated by some incredible modern producers. He is a perfectionist and constantly pushes the boundaries of the possibilities of technology to deliver seamless mixes and unheard layers of sound.

Gwen Guthrie - Funkytown Blog (Ossia Edit)
Estelle - Fall In Love (Scott Wozniak & Kenny Summit Remix)
Sartorial, Simon Kennedy - Get Up
Massimiliano Troiani - Adventures Of A 70's Rider, Vol. 3 (Original Mix)
Jarred Gallo - Put Up Or Shut Up (Original Mix) 
Hifi Sean, Paris Grey - Lost without U (Extended)
Alexander O Niell - Glow Of Love [Gregory Block Remix]
Lup Ino - Lying To My Lie (Original Mix)
CN Williams - We Do Whatever (Original Mix)
Doug Willis - Crystal Lover (Re-Tide & Moon Rocket Remix)
Da Lukas - Don't Panic (Original Mix)
Disco Incorporated - Soul Brother (Fonky Brown Mix)
Dr Packer - You and Me

Sneaky Disco EP95 Feat Good2Groove with exclusive guest mix from Michael Gray

EP95 of the hottest House/Disco podcast in town!

Michael Gray is one of the most respected and in-demand artists currently on the global dance music scene. he enjoyed worldwide success on the back of his massive single The Weekend. reaching #7 in the UK and # 1 in Poland. It took the enjoyed similar chart success around the world. 
The single’s crossover appeal was cemented when it was used in a number of television commercials, including Honda Cars, the BBC’s Football Focus commercials and just recently in Ugly Betty. Appearances on dozens of compilation releases were the icing on the cake for one of 2004′s biggest tunes...
Michael’s second single Borderline again being embraced by both club land and daytime radio, went straight to #12 in the UK charts as the week’s highest new entry. His other singles include Somewhere Beyond, Missing You & Walk into the sun.

Michael has DJ’d all over the world from MOS London to Hi Ibiza

Record label....

Michael's new label 'Sultra' has just released his first release feat Kimberly Brown & Marie Graham (Sounds of Blackness) - Keep moving on

Latest DJ Mixes:
Exclusive Remixes: @michael-gray

Full Intention....

The accomplished producer, DJ and remixer has enjoyed Grammy-nominated success alongside Jon Pearn as world renowned production and remix duo Full Intention; There recent productions have been for top dance labels Defected, DFTD, Simma Black, OFF, Suara, Toolroom, Rebirth and there own label Full intention Recordings

They joined Pete Tong's BBC Radio 1 Hall of Fame, where he called them 'House music royalty' check it out here... Fullintention – Pete-tongs-hall-of-fame-with

The pair have secured a seemingly non-stop string of successful releases and remixes, escalating the twosome to true global status. They produced numerous huge club and charts hits, nearly all of them becoming all-time classics. Their discography includes such great tunes, like “America”, “I’ll Be Waiting”, Duke “So in love with you”, “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” and Sex-o-Sonique “I Thought It Was You”, to name but a few.
Full Intention have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, like JLO, Jamiroquai, Whitney Houston, Barbara Tucker, Frankie Knuckles, Ella Henderson, Ultra Nate, Aly-us, Fish go Deep, Inner City, Todd Terry & Purple Disco Machine.

Most recent tracks have been: Beating Drum (Defected Records), I miss you (Full Intention Records) Keep Pushing (Defected Records)
Their latest Remix of Ralphi Rosario & Linda Clifford ‘Give it up’ is currently no.1 on Traxsource.


Grammy Nomination for Remixing George Michael "Amazing" 
(Full Intention)

Pete Tongs BBC Radio 1 Hall of Fame (Full Intention)

For DJ bookings please contact MN2S

Producer & Remix management please contact

Grammy Nomination for Remixing George Michael "Amazing" 
(Full Intention)

Pete Tongs BBC Radio 1 Hall of Fame (Full Intention)

Sneaky Disco EP94 Feat Good2Groove with exclusive guest mix from Alan Dixon

Sneaky Disco EP94 Feat Good2Groove with exclusive guest mix from Alan Dixon

FAT LAUREEN - Unlock Doors (Original Version)
CHEWY RUBS - Aux Natural
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Hidden Groove
Full Intention & Nick Reach Up - Night Of My Life (feat Jazz Morley - DR. Packer remix)
Frank Booker - Fall Out
SUNNER SOUL - Boogie Land (Sunner Soul edit)
Hotmood - Worldwide
SELACE - So Hooked On Your Lovin (Mousse T.'s Extended Disco Shizzle)
Eli Escobar - City Song Part 2 (Peace, Love and Harmony)
MIRROR PEOPLE - Is It All Over My Face (instrumental mix)

Alan Dixon Tracklist:
This Soft Machine - On & On
Jibaro - Get A Little
Maïeutique - Must Get There (Dubka Remix)
Beranek - Dra Te Haelvete (Todd Terje)
LCD Soundsystem - Tontet
Gorilla - Dare (DFA Mix)
Balako - Jungle Music (Austin Ato Mix)
Dubplate Disco - Pick Up (Yam Who? Edit)
David Hudson - Pump It
Sylvester - I Need You (Dimitri Disco Blend)

Midnight & Black Riot are renowned UK DJ/Producer duo Andy Williams (Yam Who?) & Alan Dixon whose passion for innovation has driven the Riot labels success over the past five years.

Midnight Riot have gone from strength to strength with their chart-topping compilation series and the critically acclaimed album from Detroit’s Amp Fiddler in 2016. They have also been honing their sound in the U.K & abroad too at clubs & festivals including Fabric, Ministry Of Sound, Horse Meat Disco, Garden Festival, Glastonbury, Bestival, Savage, Wilderness and the legendary Pikes in Ibiza. You can catch him at Sanctuary in London