Good2Groove are a two DJ’s reigning from the North of `England who are Wayne Houghton and Scott Gilling (Gilly). 

Having being friends for years, with a mutual love for Nu disco,disco edits & house music, it was only a matter of time that they merged forces. It all started (as many great things do) after copious cans of lager, back in 2012. After playing the odd gig together & constantly talking music they both decided to give it a bash playing as a unit. From there onwards they became to be known as the DJ’ing duo Good2Groove. Each having their own style that works well individually but when combined, it works brilliantly. 

We’re both into deep and soulful house Nu disco & disco and share a massive love for DJ’s and producers like: Masters at work, Joey Negro, John Morales,Nicky Siano, Dimitri From Paris, Grant Nelson, Spen, Quentin Harris, Jamie Lewis, Knee Deep, Mood II Swing, Dennis Ferrer, Louie Vega and Kerri name just a few.   

Putting it simply, we’re all about playing quality disco & house grooves (both past and present) in the hope that you will understand our style. We never follow fads or trends we just play great music & think how can you not like this fucking groove!!   

We’re proud to host our own fortnightly radio show on called Sneaky Disco.   We are just about to start the show each week due to the popularity of the show. We have had some of the biggest names from the disco,Nu disco & funk scene like. Tonbe, P-Sol, VinylAddicted, Voodoo Whiskey, Fingerman, Shit Hot Soundsystem, Bombyce, Alkalino, Bad Barbie, Evil Smarty, Mr Absolutt, 80s Child, Massimo VanoniChewy Rubs, Baert, Kiu D,  Dave Gerrard, Down Under Disco, James Rod, Delicious, Chuggin EditsJuan Fran Pericas Gomez (Fran Deeper) The Silver Rider, Ziggy Phunk,   Disco Funk Spinner, Discotron, Soultronic , Mr Given Raw, GreySkoolEdits, Alien Disco Sugar, Jay Airiness, George Kelly.

Good2Groove will often put live drums, sampling & FX into their live sets which you can see & hear at 53 Degrees North Halifax & Leeds.





Like most dj's i started in my bedroom back in 1996. I bought my first set of turntables off a mate of mine & they were shocking. Belt driven Kams & it was virtually impossible to mix on them because the belts were so slack. I first got into House music when i was in the army & a few friends dragged me along to the Hacienda back in 1993. I wouldn't say i was hooked straight away but over the next year or so i started to get more & more into it.

In 1995 I started going to a little club night in Todmorden called "Out In The Sticks". This is the place where i got a totally love of House Music. It was only a small venue, but what a venue it was & the music was brilliant from the first track of the night to the last record at 2am. Deep & Soulful House then became my passion & my dj'ing style really. 

I quickly moved on from playing to the dog to doing the odd house party to then getting the chance to play in a few bars. I then got my first residency at the end of 1998 at the Tube in Halifax. I then moved on to Leeds & then started running my own nights. I have been very lucky to warm up some amazing dj's. Below are some of the dj's i have warmed up.

Joey Negro, Graeme Park, Ron Carroll, Allister Whitehead, Cj Mackintosh, Tom Wainwright, Al Mckensie, E Smoove, K Klass, Soul Avengerz, Brandon Block, Bobby & Steve, Superkings, Buckley, Inland Knights, Dj Disciple, King Unique, Jazzy M, Richard Earnshaw, Smokin Jo, Jim Shaft Ryan, Tony Walker, Paul Taylor, Matt Hardwick, Aj Gibson.



Gilly's first taste in house music was going to bowlers in 1995 and within two weeks had bought a pair of Soundlab belt drive decks a

Having had my first taste of House music back in 1995, when I visited Manchester club night and venue, Bowlers, I realised this was an interest that would only grow. After just two weeks my thoughts were confirmed when I bought my very first pair of Soundlab belt drive decks, not to mention a handful of records. 

Over the years this hobby has manifested itself into a credible one, where I’ve DJ’d in numerous venues around the world. 

Starting out as most do, I DJ’d at a few parties and had regular gigs at local venues including popular nightclub, The Tramshed, in Halifax. 

However, it wasn’t until I discovered Deep and Soulful House that I really found my niche. I started DJ’ing with the Sunday Sanctury@bar11, Halifax, and it was here that really got the ball rolling. I soon became the resident where I played my own take on House music and could sample a few different sounds on the regulars. 

Eventually I had gigs all over Halifax, Bradford and Wakefield, where I played alongside DJ’s such as Graeme Park, Brandon Block and Darren Bouthier amongst others. Not forgetting my residency at Checa bar in Buenous Aies in Argentina, South America, which recently came to an end.